How To Visually Increase The Space In A Small Room

Posted by Atreyee Choudhury on May 12th, 2021

1. With wallpapers

One of the best ways to enlarge the space visually of a small room is by utilizing wallpaper. However, you must remember certain rules which are listed below:

a) You are not required to use big sized wallpaper. Small wallpaper with little patterns will greatly enlarge the space of your small room visually.

b) If the roof in your room is low, you must opt for the vertically stripped wallpaper. The wallpaper with vertical stripes can visually increase the length of the walls.

c) Combining two-tone wallpaper is another great option to make the top part light, and the below one a little more shaded.

2. With light

Light plays a great role in increasing the space of a small room visually. You are ought to use small-sized lamps in a room with a small space. LED light of the cornice, under the curbstone, illumination at the bottom of the bed, sconces on the wall perfectly help to visually enlarge the area in a narrow room. The more light in the room, the wider the room will appear. The top interior designers in Bangalore can be consulted for guidance.

3. With Mirrors

Make usage of the mirror method while installing it on the wall. It ought to be remembered that it should hang carefully vertically as any skew will worsen your reflection. The mirrors ought not to be exposed to direct sunlight; otherwise, the mirror will rapidly blur or even become covered with spots. Likewise, don't put a mirror before the bed, as indicated by the teaching of Feng Shui, such a reflection can make the sleeping person dull. A small spaced room can be visually enlarged by using huge mirrors in the size of the walls.

4. With furniture

The furniture, if selected with a little presence of mind, and organized properly, it can contribute to the visual as well as a real increase of the room. Hence, you must opt for standard-sized furniture. On top of that, it would be an unquestionable idea to select the furniture of the same height and a bit smaller. The top interior designers in Bangalore help in buying the right furniture.

Rather than using a large beds, go for convertible ones. A bulky wardrobe can be made built-in on walls, chairs and a coffee table can be selected from plastic and glass, this will give an impression of lightness, and will not burden the space in the room.

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