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Everyone is not lucky as it might seem from distant. No matter how qualified you are, no miracle would get you to becoming a part of the aviation sector until you have taken the courses and show a legit certificate. Whether you are willing to become an air hostess, not only the air hostess training but also the Advanced DASM course can add to the merit.

For the normal folks like us, there is a need for having certifications, language proficiency, and skills, proper behavioral conduct and the long list of other attributes in order to qualify in the job. Since it is a vital part of the aviation sector, you have to make sure that you are doing everything that you need to be able to get and prosper in the job role.

No wonder that when it is about becoming an air hostess, it is a different level of game. Not everyone is capable of taking this job or not everyone can actually be able to justify the job role. Therefore, just to give you a fair idea, today we will take a look about the details of the air hostess job role. We will also take a look at the things that take one to qualify the job.

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What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Your Educational Qualification: You must know that if you are willing to become an air hostess, you need to have a minimum educational qualification. You need to qualify the 12 years of schooling process as this is one of the most crucial papers that requires to be submitted to the training institutes to proceed further with the training.

  • Your Age: Most of the airlines would prefer the employees to fall within the group of 17 to 26 years. Even when there isn’t any maximum age, you can expect to be around 30. However, it varied from one airline to another.

  • Your marital Status: You cannot get a fixed answer to this parameter as again different airlines have different guidelines when it comes to the candidates’ marital status.

  • Your medical requirements: Since being an air hostess is not like working in any other sector which does not require you to be medically fit. Air hostesses need to do tons of work and they need to travel every time. As traveling is the nature of this job, there is always a need for having a clear medical history. If you have any chronic disease, you will be immediately disqualified.

Besides, you have to make sure that the eyesight is perfect and which is 6/9. Make sure that you do not have any major issues that might come in between the work. In case you are medically unfit, try not to go for this profession.

  • Your physical attributes: There is no secret that we have always heard that air hostesses are so beautiful! Well, no wonder they are because this job has to maintain certain standards. Since they are the face of the brand, they need candidates well-groomed.

You need to have a height of 157 cm for women and 170cm for men. Make sure that your weight goes proportionate with your height. Your skin tone doesn’t have anything to do with the selection but make sure you have the knowledge on grooming.

Behavioral skills: 

Besides the educational and physical qualifications, you also need to have some behavioral skills as most of the renowned airlines will check this to make sure if you are a great inclusion.

You must be thinking what can be the behavioral skills? Well, not much but yes here are some of them at check.

  • An Amiable Personality: Knowing the stakes that this job role involves and also that they have to take the responsibility of managing the huge numbers of passengers who are flying, there is a need for the air hostess to have a great personality. There is a need for the candidates to have a positive and pleasant attitude so that they can be approached easily by the passengers.

  • Maintain Work Ethics: you must be knowing by now that the air hostesses have to take back-to-back flights. You might need to fly to different nations, get new problems and different other introductions – you might be dreaming of some sort of walking on the isle, which is absolutely not true.

The members working here requires working for long hours and sometimes there can be unnecessary stretches. However, since this is a part of the job you have to make sure your performance is up to the mark. One of the other things that you need to make sure is that you cannot lose your patience no matter how grumpy the passengers are.

Communication skills: 

The flight attendants are one of the most important parts of the flights and with the only responsibility of handling the passenger, there is often a need for the candidates to have the ability of communicating in a range of languages.

You need to have the fluency to talk in English, regional language and also the foreign languages if you are a part of the international flights. Make sure you can comfortably convey the messages. Besides, if you are taking the air hostess training and the DASM training, you can stay assured that the institute will help you to get the fluency with their courses.

Since, the air hostess industry needs for their people to be eligible, learning the language is a basic skill.

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Presence of mind: 

Even when it is not rated, but this is one of the biggest assets in a candidate. You must know that the job of an air hostess is not limited to just serving the beverages and foods, but they are also the responsible person to handle the emergency or crisis.

They are being trained accordingly to be able to react in situations. This is the reason why the candidates should always check for the courses and then choose a training school.

How to Get through The Entrance Exams?

Not only the air hostess profession is lucrative but also a very coveted profession. It again offers tons of opportunities for the people to travel and make great connections.

No need to mention about the waves of the population who are dreaming to fly high the need for having the knowledge on the things that can help you to nail is an absolutely necessity.

You have to become a reading bug: You need to make sure that you can pass the entrance examination. Some of the big names would check your understanding and knowledge on the English language. You require paying good attention to Grammar, vocabulary and reading. The simplest of ways is by reading the books and not only it will teach you to say a sentence and form the worlds but will also improve the vocabulary.

  • Improve your conversational skills:  There isn’t any secret about the thing that our nations have tons of languages but one thing that is certainly sure that English language has become a common one in our nation. Therefore, all you need is to have the ability to speak in English if you are looking forward to creating a great career in this industry.  Therefore, just as a preparation, you can start conversing with people around you in English.

  • Have your ears on the current affairs: There will be several rounds of interview and probably Group Discussion is one of the hardest one. If you are willing to crack it seamlessly, you have to make sure that you are actively being a part of the current affairs. Even you will be asked about the views in different subjects so make sure you are not missing it on anything. Properly reading the newspaper can become a help.

  • Your Posture Will Always Tell A Lot to Them: You again need to understand the value of your posture. The institute will educate you about the way to sit and the correct posture that you need to follow especially when you are sitting Infront of the jury members. Make sure that the courses offered to you are taken seriously if you want the best.

Well, in addition to the air hostess course, you can take the DASM course in Kolkata to be able to include other certification in your resume. Not with the Diploma in Advanced Service Management is a great addition to the candidates who are in the aviation sector but also for the candidates who are willing to become an air hostess in their future.

Bottom Line: When it is about becoming an air hostess, undeniably it is a big dream. However, this does not mean that it is unachievable, but yes you have to keep your hard work to make sure that you can crack the interview. Remember the training is way simple as it is harder than you can even expect. Get ready to work hard and to fulfill your dreams, make sure to take the Advanced DASM course along with the air hostess training.

Hopefully you could find out the details about the required things and also a glimpse of the DASM course.

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