How to clean the wall tiles?

Posted by aihw on May 12th, 2021

Exwall tiles face wind and rain every day, so there are often all kinds of dirt or some moss need to be cleaned, but the difficulty of cleaning external wall tiles is very large, and usually has a large area, so many people will choose to find a special team for cleaning. So, how much is the cost of cleaning external wall tiles? What are our techniques for cleaning exterior tiles? How to clean it will be cleaner? Choose Jiabang ceramic tile manufacturer

Xiaobian gives you the cost and skills of exterior wall ceramic tile cleaning.

Exterior wall tile cleaning cost

Exterior wall cleaning and glass curtain wall cleaning is 1.8 yuan per square; . The tile and marble exterior walls are 1.5 yuan per square; Coated outer wall is 1.8 yuan per square, other material outer wall can be determined according to the scene situation. The above as a reference, the specific quotation is generally based on experienced staff to see the site and the price.

Cleaning workers in the first half of this year 300 to 350 days, small workers (drainage pipe and rope)150 to 200 days. Generally 400 and 200 in the second half of the year.

Choose professional aerial work company is also very important, first of all, the company must have the work high above the safety qualification, employees have exterior operation experience and certificate for work, any industry has a good and evil people mixed up, small companies and individuals to compare prices at the same time, more need to choose a trust of professional company is the absolute principle, safeguard, the province is not only a little deviation on the price.

Exterior wall tile cleaning skills

It is best to find a professional cleaning company for the cleaning of external wall bricks. Exterior wall cleaning is a kind of high-altitude cleaning, which is an extremely dangerous construction project. Exterior wall cleaning is not only to make the wall finally clean and tidy, but also to ensure the personal safety of cleaning personnel. Next, let's take a look at the steps of cleaning the exterior wall tiles.

1. The first step is to select a place to fix the rope on the roof platform. Pay attention to the fact that the rope needs to be wound around several times, and repeatedly do several towing and loading tests. Place rubber pads where needed (with edges and corners) to prevent the rope from breaking due to friction.

2. Knot the hanging rope in the U-shaped buckle on the sitting hanging plate, hang the bucket on the edge of the plate, and install a small half bucket of detergent. It is easy to spill waste. Make sure you have all the cleaning tools you need. It will be inconvenient to carry them again. The rope has a special fastening method so that the slant does not slide in the air. Cleaning personnel can freely operate the control rope, simply say a lift up the rope plate to slide down a little, this is completely controlled by cleaning personnel.

3. the roof and floor must be looked at, as a security personnel.

Above, Xiaobian introduces the cost of exterior wall tile cleaning, roughly lists several required costs for you, but the specific company is not the same as the charge, Xiaobian gives only general suggestions, the specific cost still depends on the company's situation in the region. Xiaobian also introduces some exterior wall ceramic tile cleaning skills, of course, in front of these skills or need to pay attention to safety, this is the most important, no security, other are exempt. I hope I can help you.

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