What classification does ceramic tile have?

Posted by aihw on May 12th, 2021

At present, there are many kinds of ceramic tiles in the building materials market, and many of our owners like to see its appearance when they buy ceramic tiles. They feel that the appearance is very nice and they choose to buy it. If we just judge from the beauty of the ceramic tile, we tend to ignore the internal quality of the ceramic tile. If the quality is not up to standard, the appearance of the ceramic tile will be gorgeous again, resulting in the renovation of the project in the future, which is especially not worth it. Next, Xiaobian, the manufacturer of Jiabang Interlocking Deck Tiles, will introduce various types of tiles for our owners to choose the right tiles:

Various kinds of ceramic tiles

Actually the kind of ceramic tile has special much, main included polishing ceramic tile, glass to change ceramic tile and glazed ceramic tile, the place that different ceramic tile shop is installed among them and the position are special different, and we still can decorate style and use according to different will decide.

The first, polishing ceramic tile

Polishing brick it is the surface that connects body brick body passes burnish/polished after processing and becomes a kind of bright brick, it is a kind that belongs to connect body brick. So the word that relative connects body brick character, the surface of polished ceramic tile wants bright and clean much. Polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, suit to be used in the majority interior space beyond except toilet, kitchen. On applying the foundation that oozes a flower technology, polished brick can make effect of all sorts of imitation stone, imitation wood. Polishing brick easy dirty, anti - skid performance is not very good.

The second, glass ceramic tile

Bo changes ceramic tile is a kind of high temperature to fire the porcelain qualitative brick, it is a kind of the hardest in all ceramic tiles. The technology requirement that glass changes brick to compare polishing brick is taller. Requires better press, can suppress higher density, firing temperature is higher, can achieve all porcelain. Bo changes the polished brick that the brick is aggrandizement. The surface is shiny without polishing. Can be more resistant to dirt. Polishing brick and glass change brick are more beautiful, but glass changes brick wearability is tall, use at the sitting room commonly.

The third, glazed ceramic tile

Glazed ceramic tile is glazed on the surface of the embryo body. The main body is divided into two types of pottery and porcelain. The back of the clay fire is red, and the back of the clay fire is gray. Glazed brick surface can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern. Color and design are richer than polishing brick. Because the surface is glaze, so wear resistance as polished brick and glass brick. The differentiation of glazed ceramic tile sees bibulous rate besides dimension even. General good brick press is good, density is high, firing temperature is high, bibulous rate is small also. Glazed tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Rich color pattern, good anti-skid performance.

Fourth, Mosaic ceramic tile

Mosaic ceramic tile is ground and metope adornment use one of more adornment building materials. Mosaic has delicate and cabinet-sized, color and lustre is diverse, can be used to go all out give all sorts of beautiful design, to metope and the adornment effect of the ground far exceeded common wall brick and floor tile. Mosaic tiles have many kinds, many specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, impermeable water, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break, diverse colors, and a wide range of uses.

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