Some Things You Should Consider When Comparing Car Rental Rates in Rome

Posted by Reshav Singh on September 10th, 2015

So you've finally decided to get a car rental but you don't know which provider offers the best deals. The best way to determine the answer to this is by comparing rental rates and finding a bargain. Of course, when we say a €good deal€, we don't just mean the cheaper price. In most cases, you'll need to know what it included in the rental rate as well as the additional charges you'll be required to pay once you're on the road. When you compare rates this way, then you will find the oh-so-low rate may not be as appealing as they'd want you to think.

Quotes from the website of car rental companies include basic insurance and tax, but inclusions on the standard rate vary from one provider to the next. Some additional charges you'll include the following:

€ Airport fees. If you're picking up a car at the airport, then you'll be required to pay for the Premium Location Fee. The rate may vary depending on the location and the supplier. Charges can range from 13% to 15% of the rental fee.

€ Vehicle Licensing Fee. A government levy allows rental companies to recover the cost of registering the vehicle. The value can add up over a long period of time, and can be really expensive especially if you're staying in Rome for a few weeks.

€ Additional Driver Charges. If your rental car is driven by more than one chauffeur, this usually shows up as an extra charge. Charges in Italy range from EUR 4 to 8. Before you hire chauffeur services, make sure you ask about this and ask for a driver who is available in large blocks of time so you won't need to pay extra.

€ Young Driver Surplus. To get a car rental in Rome, one must at least be 21 years old. What most providers fail to mention is that those aged below 25 years old are required to pay a young driver surplus which can range from EUR 25 to 30 per day.

€ Insurance Excess. This type of insurance covers the amount you will be paying in case the rental car is damaged. Some companies may impose a one-time charge; others may require you to pay for it daily.

€ Additional equipment such as child seats and ski racks are available for a fee, while other companies may include this in a bundle.

€ One way fees. If you intend to pick up a car at the drive and then leave it at another office, then you'll probably be charged a drop off fee. Yet, there are some car rental companies which offer it free if you drop off the car in same city. To avoid paying extra, you should ask about this before you pay!

There may be cases when the standard rate is just perfect for your budget, but if you're planning to get a driver or you want to pick up a car at the airport, it makes better sense to go for an inclusive rate. Also, it is best you read the small print before you sign the rental contract because chances are you'll find all charges written there.

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