Xarelto Manufacturer withholding Information that the Drug is Dangerous to Fetus

Posted by Lawsuit Information on September 11th, 2015

Xarelto has been prescribed to patients with a risk for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. It has been shown to cause the very things it claims to help with but furthermore, it has now been shown to pass to the unborn child a mother is carrying. The drug company, Johnson and Johnson has delegated the marketing of this dangerous blood thinning drug to it’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The drug is made by Bayer, another drug powerhouse that’s hard to hold accountable because they are so wealthy and profit driven. Studies are being done about birth defects but this drug is still new to the market and reports are just surfacing.

Besides causing uncontrolled bleeding without an antidote (leading to many deaths) this drug has now been proven to pass through the placenta to the fetus. Birth defects are now the new concern with Xarelto. The reputable, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology released the report showing the drug passing to the fetus in their scientific study.

This drug is getting an increasingly bad reputation for causing deaths and now it’s being shown to be harmful to both pregnant women and unborn children. This life threatening drug is still under the radar and and being used by many people. Is it a silent killer? Absolutely and the worst part is, patients and doctors are unaware of these high risks because the manufacturer is keeping quiet, trying to make more money.

The manufacturer continues to market the drug as better than other drugs on the market which are anticoagulant blood thinners but it’s clear through scientific evidence that this is not even remotely true. Far less dangerous side effects have been reported with a blood-thinning drug called Warfarin which has been on the market much longer and does have an antidote to stop bleeding.

Now the spotlight is coming to pregnant women who are taking Xarelto. The drug is coming under heavy fire for not adequately warning doctors and mothers of this risk which is now known. If you took Xarelto while pregnant, seek legal counsel. There have been hundreds of lawsuits already filed against these companies for withholding information that would keep their customers safe.

It is a criminal act to sell something to someone knowing it is dangerous. There is wrongful misconduct in the sale of this drug and anyone taking it should be aware of this. The complications have led to death and life altering problems. This dangerous blood thinner should not continue to be prescribed. Tragically it is becoming popular because it requires no special diet, no followup testing for dosage and no special dosage adjustments. It’s prescribed as a one size fits all regardless of body mass and other health conditions. This drug should not be on the market because it causes uncontrolled bleeding.

The trial process is slow and gruelling. The hundreds of cases filed will not even be dealt with until 2016. They are being combined into a multidistrict litigation in the Eastern District of Louisiana. The judge determining this case is Eldon Fallon who is a U.S. District Judge. These are considered federal trials and there are many more lawsuits expected to surface regarding this drug.

The more lawsuits filed against the huge companies producing this death medication, the sooner it will hopefully be stopped. The more people that file lawsuits, the more accountable the company will be held for killing innocent people to make a profit. The company knows the drug is dangerous and they show they are not concerned with the dangers. Large pharmaceutical companies become a force that no one is accountable for and no one questions and it is one of the deadliest forces on the planet. Complications with prescription drugs is a leading cause of death and instead of doctors prescribing a healthy diet and exercise, they give people a dangerous pill to cure them. This system is flawed and the people which create the demand have to speak up for what is right and change the tides.

This should make you angry and sad, if you care about innocent people. Please inform people you know about this dangerous drug Xarelto and encourage them not to take it. So many people are taking this drug that presently do not know the harm they are at risk for. People are not being warned and nor are the doctors. The more reports are filed with the FDA and The Institute of Safe Medication Practices, the more pressure they will feel to call for more testing and adequate labeling of risks.

If bleeding occurs in the pregnant mother or the fetus, it would be a very grave outcome. The chances of these events are high given how many people are taking this drug. This information needs to be more readily available to the public and the company needs to be held responsible for not giving the public this information sooner. More research should have been done prior to it’s release and now that these events are surfacing, the company should take the drug off of the market to protect people and unborn children.

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