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Padel is a widespread sport across the world obtaining a sturdy growth in Italy. Installing a padel court could be a good investment for managers and owners of a sports center. Uncover each of the benefits of converting to Padel, together with all of the services Italgreen can supply you for designing, constructing and installing turn-keys of padel courts, with an exclusive patent that minimizes maintenance fees. Get far more facts about PadelCanchas

Padel is actually a friendly and familiar sport, indicated to people of all ages as it doesn't demand specific physical or sporting expertise. Getting a simplified version of tennis is easy to study and is very easily practiced following a handful of exchanges: fun is assured in between pals, in the family, at any age and without the need of necessarily being champions!

PADEL COURT Construction: Information AND BENEFITS

The cost of a padel court is really low as well as the little size allows it to be constructed almost everywhere. Suffice it to say that on the region of a tennis court you'll be able to create two to three padel courts.

This allows you to take positive aspects from the building of padel courts:

1. Raise in people using the sports center

2. Differentiation of the proposed present by becoming a extra receptive location

3. Optimization of unused space

4. Chance to extend courses for tennis instructors

5. Represent an alternative and is compatible with tennis


In line with the International Padel Federation (FIP), a padel court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, about half of a typical tennis court, calculating that the limit on the playing ground is offered by the structure itself.

Here would be the dimensions of a padel court:

The field is divided in half by a net and at a distance of 6.95 m the service lines are drawn;

A perpendicular line divides the region in between the net as well as the service lines in half;

Each line has a width of 5 cm;

The back walls are 4 m high.

But let's take a closer look in the size of each and every element.


The net of a padel court is 10 meters extended and 88 cm high in the center (in the extremes it reaches as much as 92 cm). The net is supported by a metal cable (1cm in diameter), whose ends are attached to two side posts at most 1.05 m higher.


The background walls are usually 4 m high. Nevertheless, there are two principal variations:

1. The initial having a step structure, has different heights:

3 m high and 2 m lengthy inside the side that divides it from the back wall from the field;

2 m high and 2 m long within the remainder;

the metal mesh that completes the closure is 3 m high inside the center and reaches 4 m inside the final two meters placed in the extremes;


2. Inside the second variant, around the contrary, the metal mesh features a uniform height of 4 m along the whole field.

Nonetheless, within the case of covering or indoor padel court, the necessary height is 7 m.


The considerations to become created whilst creating padel courts are diverse but the structure of a padel field often involves some vital components which are present in every installation. The usual structure of a padel court ought to include:

FLOOR: It really is crucial that the floor of a padel court meets the criteria of hardness, speed and roughness to ensure a really good sliding-bounce in the ball. You are able to uncover concrete flooring treated with slippery products but artificial turf cover is preffered.

WALLS: Ordinarily these are prefabricated structures particularly within the case with the construction of fixed padel court. Again, the positioning of tempered glass is preferred, ensuring the appropriate bounce and, above all, promoting the view from the outdoors.

FENCE: One of the most essential element inside the fence of a padel court is the material that need to be resistant to the climate and stresses on the game. Zinc or plasticized nets are often preferred to make sure maximum resistance more than time. The entrance could be delimited by two doors (comparable to the fence) or you may also choose to leave it open.

ILLUMINATION: Likely essentially the most essential aspect of padel courts, it should be created to make sure coverage with the whole field but in the identical time should not dazzle the players. Throughout construction, the supplies used and their arrangement ought to be evaluated to establish the top solution.


Just how much does a padel court expense? There isn't any single answer, given that the final quote is determined by the materials and situation in which you intend to install the court, along with the possibility of replacing pre-existing tennis courts with two or a lot more padel courts. One point is for positive: padel fields make certain a substantial recovery in charges thanks to the optimization on the spaces as well as the low expenses of management and maintenance, that are further reduced when opting for any synthetic turf.

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