Bad slayer tasks and unnecessary requirement removed in runescape

Posted by gracedashen on September 14th, 2015

Recently, old school runescape have updated lots of parts which make people exciting, because players are expecting the new elements which can appear into 2007 runescape. This week the way slayer tasks are assigned has been reworked, adding more interesting changes to OSRS, so you should pay attention to the changes and prepare enough cheap 07 rs gold to experience them.RS3gold is aiming at providing best service for players, so we also provide news and tips about some updates in game and hope that can help players to enjoy the game better.

Bad slayer tasks and unnecessary requirement removed

This week, Old school runescape players could have a better experience as Slayer assignment was reworked. Firstly, some bad task is removed from the slayer assignment tables. Secondly, some of the combat level checks on all tasks have been removed in the rewrite of the assignment system. For example, with the previous system, players under 110 combat wouldn't be able to receive a dark beast task despite even though they have capable of killing dark beasts and meeting all other requirements. Maybe some requirements lead a situation that some players can't play the task. However, the combat level checks on all tasks have been abolished the requirement. Now, you can experience these tasks which you can't enjoy previously due to the removed requirements. But you should meet the basic requirements; if you don't meet them you can buy cheap 2007 rs gold to help you. What's more, the weighting of certain assignments are adjusted and some tasks are reduced to be rare according to players' feedbacks. For example, a number of terrible assignments from Duradel were removed; Nieve can now assign between 10 and 20 black dragons, etc.

Some monsters get more spawns & new baby green dragons added

Except for the above changes on slayer assignment, Jagex also made some changes on the number of spawns for several popular monsters. This is good news for players who can get some extra spawns than before by finishing tasks. For example, if players find the red dragons and baby red dragons in Brimhaven dungeon, they will get a few new spawns added except for previous spawns. What's more, a new type of monster dungeon was added in Brimhaven. This baby dragon allows players who get green dragon task to trade a bit of experience and profit for extra safety. Tempting yet? You can simply access to it by climbing up a vine found to the north of the cave, but 87 Agility will be needed. If you have been ready, just buy cheap 07 rs gold to hop into the challenge.

It is time to slayer in Old School Runescape as requirement limits are reduced while there will be more bonus and interesting changes. What are you waiting for? Just join in the game to have a full experience, and don't hesitate to buy osrs gold on RS3gold to help you.

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