Why Is It Difficult To Sustain in The Share Market?

Posted by Traders Gurukul on May 13th, 2021

While many find the share market as a risky gamble and get wiped off very soon after incurring huge losses, the others look at it as a trade business but mostly what they lack is, the required knowledge and study for being able to sustain in the market. Different people have different reasons to start trading in the share market. For you it might be a full-time source of income, for others, it might be a parallel source of income. But every trader must base their trades on research and analysis, even if it requires them to take some share market classes.

Shockingly, as much as 90% of the traders quit the share market in the first year of trading after bearing huge losses. There are several reasons why it happens with such a large number of percentages.

• Scarcity of Capital

The harsh truth is that most people enter the trade market with the notion of making huge profits but lack capital for investing. Money attracts money and most people have limited capital for entering into stable trades.

• No Education

There's no way a book can educate you enough to learn the tactics of the share market. If you wish to sustain in the share market and back it with proper research as well as analysis, then you will need to take share market classes as a pre-requisite under the guidance of someone who has known the market for years.

• Emotional Barrier

It is one of the most common and dangerous reasons for people to quit the market. Once someone makes a decent profit in the first few trades, it is only human for greed to gain higher profits comes into the picture and that is when the clock starts ticking. Greed overpowers stability and increases risk which eventually results in losses.

Similarly, fear is another emotion that does not let you imply analytical skills and leads to loss of opportunity.

• Lack of Patience and Commitment

For instance, if you fail to make profits in the first 4 trades made, you will feel that the share market is not for you and quit trading. What most people don't understand is that it requires a lot more patience and commitment than they are ready to give.

• Desperation to enter in trades

When you have a really hot tip or know for sure that you can certainly make profits by entering into a particular trade, never use your household money that is used to pay off rent or other bills to do so if you don't have surplus money to trade. No matter what your research says, the share market is never predictable and factors beyond your control are responsible for unforeseen fluctuations.

So, next time you plan on trying your luck to invest in the market, don't undermine the importance of share market classes from the experts. It is only by that you will be able to create a strong foundation of share market basics and make a good fortune.

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