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Posted by Sharp Sight on May 13th, 2021

If your vision is depaired and has become cloudy, then probably it is the time for a cataract checkup. Generally, the lens of your eye is clear. A cataract is capable of turning the lens cloudy hence reducing the quality of your eyesight. Cataract Surgery is a preferred procedure that is used to cure the lens of your eye and, in most cases, replace it with an artificial lens.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and the surgeon is called an ophthalmologist. Cataract surgery is very common and is generally a safe procedure, which means the patient will not have to stay in the hospital for long in the post-surgery time. 

If you or a loved one is found to have cataracts, it’s natural to get a little nervous or feel unsure about what to do next?

Cataract surgery is the most common procedure performed by the experts to cure cataract. Enlisted below are some frequently asked questions about cataract surgery to ensure you more about your decision of getting the surgery adhered.

1. What happens during cataract surgery?

If you’ve developed a cataract that’s reducing your vision, cataract surgery is the best & only way to treat it completely. During the surgery, your surgeon will extradite the natural lens of your eye and use an alternate artificial lens in its place.The whole procedure of laser cataract surgery is bladeless hence the entire procedure is painless! 

A numbing eye drop is applied to your eye before the procedure and once your eyes are numb, minor incisions are made in front of your eye with a femtosecond laser. From here, the cataract is removed via a process called phacoemulsification where an ultrasonic probe is employed to dissolve the cataract.

2. Is cataract surgery painful?

No, the surgery isn’t painful! The credit for this stays with the numbing eye drops applied to the eyes before the procedure.

The drops generally wear off a few hours post surgery. Once this occurs, it is possible to experience some minor temporary discomfort.

3. Can I get cataracts again after having them removed?

No, you will not have the cataract again since there is no place for a cataract to develop. Cataracts usually develop because of proteins clumped in the lens of the eye. 

Although what you may experience after cataract surgery is a “secondary cataract”. 

This will exhibit symptoms that are the same as you experienced when you had cataract. 

4. What’s recovery like after cataract surgery?

When recovering post a cataract surgery, you should always try and take it easy! It's important to avoid any strenuous activities, as it can directly affect the recovery and may even cause additional damage. 

Avoid water is also advised during the recovery period. Water helps in the breeding of bacterias, and while recovering your eyes are more prone to infection.

Therefore to be on the safe side, one must try & avoid swimming in any body of water for at least a couple of  weeks. 

Still confused about what treatment to adhere for curing your cataract and where? At Sharp Sight eye hospital we help you shed off all your worries regarding cataract. We have a team of experienced ophthalmologists who are well experienced & equipped to perform Laser cataract surgery in Delhi NCR. We boast the best-in-class expertise & state-of-art infrastructure which provide a one stop solution to your eye problems be it cataract or cornea treatment in Delhi NCR.   

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