What is the treatment of deep hole electric drill processing?

Posted by sere on May 13th, 2021

In several methods of deep hole processing, 10 times the diameter or deeper hole processing generally use gun electric drill; and the gun electric drill electric drilling must be processed on special equipment, the electric drill bit is a single-blanket, and there is an internal cooling hole in processing. Oral oil from the back high pressure oil, discharge the cutting using high-pressure oil or liquid; deep hole diamonds are generally a permutation of the electric drill, which can be better.

The deep hole processing of Ronix Tools, the internal cooling electric drill bit can be selected from the 10-degree-140 degree according to the machining conditions, and the top angle angle is to reduce the radial force to prevent the electric drill bit. The improvity of the grinding, the more the hole is getting off; the electric drill head is as long as possible to control around 3-8 times the diameter, the shorter twist electric drill bit, so the strength of the electric drill is not easy to run, especially the hard alloy twist electric drill, too long When the cutting resistance is encountered, it is possible to break. High-speed steel twist electric drills can be largely grinded on the tool grinding, so it is not easy to diamond, and then solder the electric drill after the processing, the outer diameter is a few different paths than the electric drill bit, and the hard cuts will be added to the oil; electric drill bit Fast speed, so that you can electric drill a well-quality deep hole.

From the way of deep hole processing, there are many kinds of outer shaddock diamonds (gun electric drill), inner holes, cooling tick electric drill, twist electric drill, kit electric drill, etc.

When the workpiece electric drilling is processed at 3-8 times, the hard alloy twist electric drill bore produced by Shuoqi precision tool is selected. For the machining 5 times the diameter and the electric drill bit, deep hole processing is selected; but for 20mm and above The aperture machining can be used for processing, and for a hole diameter of 25 mm and or more, it is necessary to use an transpositional electric drill bit to perform very efficient electric drilling, which is conducive to saving production and processing costs; Shuoqi precision tool production Carbide electric drill bit, deep hole internal cold electric drill, dispatching machine electric drill, or U electric drill and provides various non-standard cutting products custom processing, and can choose a electric drill bit according to the actual machining of customers.

When the hole is more than 10 times the aperture, there is more gun electric drill. When the hole is 300 times the diameter, it is necessary to carry out a special technology, and a single tube or a double pipe system can be electric drilled; the bottom of these wells is long. During the process, specialized motion mechanisms, tool configurations, and correct cutting edges can be processed in interior, grooves, threads, and cavities. Supporting plate technology is another important area, and it is also important in deep hole electric drilling, and now it is also greatly developed as part of deep hole processing technology.

The correct chip shape and size during deep hole processing and effective drafts are essential for successful deep hole processing (actually deep hole electric drilling); therefore, the requirements for coolant and chip management are very important.

It is part of an invertable blade boring and turning tool or a part of high pressure coolant technology. Reliable chip control is an indispensable part of the blade slot development, and the direction is to limit the continuous chip formation and the boss of the difficulty of processing materials.

In the process of manufacturing parts, there is more and more materials that are difficult to process, not only require good chip design, but also more stringent requirements for tool material processing capacity. For tool life and cutting parameters, the material of the carbide blade is critical, such as cutting stainless steel, titanium and high temperature alloy.

Deep hole processing In addition to the big problem of chips, there are other difficulties, such as can't directly observe the cutting situations, only by sound, chips, observe the machine load, oil pressure and other parameters to determine the dish and electric drill head wear; chip heat is not easy to pass Out; due to the long, the rigidity is poor, and vicious vibration can cause the hole axis to be easily skewed, affecting price precision and production efficiency.

Pre-hole processing operation should pay attention to the main shaft and tool guide sleeve, the knife bar support sleeve, the center of the tool bar support sleeve, the centerline of the center line should meet the requirements; the cutting fluid system should be unatturred; the workpiece should not have a central hole on the end of the workpiece. And avoid electric drilling on the slope and so on.

5-8 Double-diameter DC Ways of Cold Electric drill Processing:

1. The electric drill edge angle is increased to 130-140 degrees to increase the chips and change the direction of the chip discharge (the direction of the chip discharge is vertical)

2. Write the horizontal blade to reduce axial cutting force, while the cutting edge produces a corner advantaged division.

3. If the electric drilling diameter is relatively large, it can sand slit on one side blade, as wide as possible, to balance the cutting force of the two cutting edges, if the diameter can be groved in two cutting edges .

4. Pour the 45 degree angle of 1 mm in the outer angle of the blade to reduce wear and improve the finish.

5. When the electric drilling is processed, the speed is slightly lower, and the insert is taken, so that the chips is discharged in strip; or select high speed

Low feed, specifically adjust the processing according to the actual situation;

6. The nozzle of the coolant is to facing the cutting hole in order to rush into the hole into the hole;

Deep hole electric drilling two kinds of draft shavings and internal disputes:

According to the customer's processing, the outer draft is used in a hole processing such as a small diameter and the depth of holes, which is large and the diameter is relatively large and the hole depth requires more than 5 times the diameter, and the internal cooling is used when the electric drilling is machined. Twist electric drill;

Large diameter electric drill bit, due to sufficient spatial drag, cutting fluid into the processing workpiece by internal cooling, can facilitate discharging of the chips and heat holes;

Ronix Tools Cold Electric drill Bits Use a hard alloy material, combined with our driver's electric drill processing process design and material selection, suitable for workpiece materials for different parts.

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