Steps On Buying a Firearm from an Online Gun Shop in Canada?

Posted by Rangeview Sports Canada on May 13th, 2021

Buying a gun is not as simple as shopping for groceries. It would help if you decided what gun you want to buy, apply for a license, pass the test, and you're eligible to buy a gun in case you pass. However, there are illegal ways in which you can buy a gun from an online gun store. This article will explain how to own a firearm legally in Canada and, after passing the test, how you can legally buy a gun from any online gun shop in Canada. Whether you're a professional hunter, a shooter, or a gun enthusiast, some steps must be followed for you to carry a gun. Let's start with our article on how to buy a gun from an online gun shop in Canada without any further ado.

1- Know which type of gun license you need

There are two main types of licenses: non-restricted license and restricted firearms license. The non-restricted licenses are for normal rifles, shotguns, or guns that are not restricted. The restricted license is for people who want to buy a license for target practice, shooting competitions, or collecting guns. You must be above 18 to apply for this license.

2- Take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This course must be mandatorily attended by people who want to apply for a firearms license. The test cost 0 and includes a range of topics that help you understand the gravity of carrying a license. If you want a restricted firearm, you must take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). The fees for CRFSC is 0. Once you pass this test, you're eligible for the next process.

3- You must get a possession and acquisition license

To be eligible to buy and carry a firearm, you must have this license. Without this license, it is illegal to carry a gun. This license needs to be renewed after every five years. People who are interested in carrying restricted firearms must get an authorization to transport (ATT) license. With this license, you can carry and transport your restricted firearms.

4- The final step is buying the gun from an online gun shop in Canada

You must check the website for different types of guns. Browse through the collection and choose a gun that you like. If you're having trouble deciding, then visit a local shop and ask their employees for advice on choosing the right gun. Once you've decided to buy the gun, pay for the gun and decide how much ammo you'll be needing. Once you are done, get the gun registered under your name. While registering, it is important to give your seller's name and ID number as proof.

Wrapping up

It is a simple process to buy a gun from an online gun shop in Canada. In case of any doubts, contact Rangeview Sports.

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