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Posted by Barry Harpur on September 14th, 2015

Sports Osteopaths are specialists who help patients with physical limitations and difficulties due to a disability or injury. Their patients include from elderly people, children who enjoy being active, and professional and semi-professional athletes with sports injuries. Osteopaths in Surrey can work in hospitals, but most have their practise in their reputable clinics.

The goal of a sports Osteopathy is to identify and improve the function and movement of their patients’ bodies. Skilled Osteopaths can provide tips and recommendations on how to improve one's well-being and health, as these factors may help in the rehabilitation process and enhance the patient's quality of life.

A sports Osteopaths takes time to know the patient and his or her medical history. Different methods can be used to determine the injury, and diagnose the injured area before treatment. Sports Osteopaths improve or treat injuries that occur due to dysfunctional movement and overexertion. The best Osteopaths are skilled rehabilitation specialists who can help patients recover from any type of injury and prevent further injuries in the future.

Learning more about the sports Osteopaths background is one way to determine whether he or she is any good. You want someone who specialises in rehabilitation and sports injury care. A good Osteopath seeks to understand the specific concerns and needs of a patient before recommending or proceeding with a treatment. Sports Osteopaths often approach rehabilitation with non-surgical treatments to relieve pain, prevent future injury, and promote healing. They make sure that you are well-informed with the techniques that they recommend for your rehabilitation programme. This way, you and the specialist can work together to optimise results, prevent re-injury, and reduce the recovery time.

Some of the treatment methods used by sports physiotherapists and sports Osteopaths to diagnose and treat injuries are physical examination, active release technique, acupuncture, and Graston technique. Always look for certifications and verify that you are working with a licensed Osteopath in Surrey.

Choose a sports Osteopath you feel comfortable with—someone whom you can trust. After all, you could be working with them for a period of weeks or even months, depending on how long your treatment programme is. Make sure to go to a reputable and certified sports Osteopath that has years of experience in working with all types of patients in sport and providing reliable personalised attention to each.

About the Company:

Kinesis Clinic based in the Guildford town centre provide the highest quality of osteopathic and injury rehabilitation services. They specialise in sports injuries, post surgery rehabilitation, work related injuries and offer many more treatments. The service offered by them includes osteopathy, injury prevention, movement assessment & training, acupuncture dry needing, etc.

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