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Posted by Post Gormsen on May 13th, 2021

Hello youtube good morning and before i go to work, i don't want to do this quick, unveiling a particular tool. The reason why i purchased this tool is because i did purchase this individual tool for 48 dollars are still for forty eight dollars on sale, uh lows, which is a great bargain, but since it taken forever to get my battery in my charger, i decided to spend Another ninety five dollars to get something that already have the charger and the battery okay, in this case for 95 dollars, you guys can see here it's a decent deal. I know everybody is a fan of craftman tools, so, but i'm gon na do a quick unveil over here. felix furniture . Number stock number is supposed to be 105 4658 gon na. Do the quick unveil. The reason 95 is a good deal: two batteries charger and a small bag. Three year warranty craftsman. They said over here that this particular drill driver kit, drill driver kit, a half inch. It has 60 more room time because it's supposed to be because of brushless, which is important and then up to 2000 revolution per minute 400 max uwo power, no idea what that means all the different craftsman tools. Uh myself, i have a collection of makita so far, but this is a specification. The volt is a 20 volt max half inch. I have to 400 unit of watt of exit, that's what it says. So here weighs 2.6 pound uh just the tool alone. I have the three year warranty. I have the belt clip over here very ergonomic. They have the different features that i'm going to go over. So let me do the unpacking here see which way is the best to unpack. This is going to open it from here. All right, let's see here so how it goes. Okay, so first thing that we're going to get and see here is the oh. Actually, it comes with the whole comes with the whole bag already inside, move that away all right, so it comes with the bag. The way you see it right here, nice bag first thing i own a bag of this okay. So inside there you guys can see. So you got the manual craftsman. It says, made a usa, assembler, usa with international worldwide components, so you have over here all the instructions how to operate the the tool. Okay. So, basically, you got a different language, spanish and english, and i think even french, i think - maybe all right then take a quick look right there, the way it comes with. So this is the charger here. The two amps battery this one over here is uh. Another same battery, i think it was a bigger battery and then you got the tool charge it with the cable okay. So let me pull it out. This is the battery the way they come right there craftsman. The part number you see here - 20 volt the release button over here in the back. I'M trying to do this most detail. I can for the you guys when you look at it and then over here the disclaimers, the warranty, the warnings pack assembled in china cells made in malaysia, okay, so there's one battery right there: okay, so right here we got one battery there. Second battery right here, okay, let me turn on the light. We go one of my legs inside to turn off. I have a sensor. Okay, the release button - i don't know, is it this one have the vents when they get charged. I don't think they have the vents, maybe do they do for when they get charged, and here they tell you, how is the charge see there so tell you how's the charge. The charge is very low same with this one charges in the back very low, [ Music ], see here, nice led lights. You do the tool itself, that's the tooth itself, right there, so metal, which is very important metal. Here then, here you control the torque and the functionality of the tool, so you want to drill, see hammer right there and then here the speed one: two: that's the model number cm cd. 720. All the different warnings. How many revolution 2100 per minute? That'S the lock is, have a lock function left and right and it looks ergonomic. Oh you have the led lights over here in the bottom, as you guys can see it led right there and then let's put this together with like this yep, that's the weight right. There and then this is the clips which personally don't really care much about it, and then here you got the charger. So oh, this worked for the 12 volt and the 20 wow, that's pretty good. I didn't know about it. So here you want to says what a charging on the 12 and what is charging on the the status on the 20 wow. It'S a dual charger: wow impressive, no idea all right! They! So here the diameter of 3.5 inch uh, you have likewise, you want to hang it from the wall. That'S one of the features, there's all the other, the warnings and different languages in spanish in english craftsman made in thailand uh, it's not even too heavy. No too light so looks like a fair quality, and this is the back. Okay, pretty bad, not bad for that type of size of bag, and you can close it right here. So that's basically quit unveiling i'm going to put it to charge. I'M going to do a comparation with the comparo with makita, which i already have the the drill with makita and see how good they do and perform both of them. Maybe it's not a fair comparison, but so far, that's what i can afford. Uh with this particular expensive as a tool, so i'm trying to work on the low cost point of view when i say low cost point of view, because, yes, you pay 48 dollars for that tool over there. But in the end you pay 48 for this tool. But in the end the battery takes forever to come in because they run out of batteries and chargers with the free promotion, so i had to spend the 95 dollars. I said before on this particular one. We should come with the two batteries, which is pretty good for 95 dollars. I think it's very good, no batch for getting a charger with a dual functioning and the two batteries. Maybe those two super power buttons, but at least they do the job. Okay, please feel free comment subscribe like help my channel, i do the same for you guys when i see us a new channel. I subscribe. I watch. I learn from everybody, i'm everyday learning, i'm going to work. It'S raining here, a lot, but i do it. This quick unveiling and then later on, i'm going to set up a testing for the makitas and the craftsman uh tools, so i can and the dollar sign value uh. So you look at this. This is like a gold value because 95 dollars pays you for what we talked about: the charger, the two batteries and the tool. So it's a gold value under the hundred dollar. This was in my opinion. You should never pay more than 100 for a tool in general. This other tool over here is a silver value. The reason why it's a silver value, because they promise you're going to get a a battery and a charger, and it's taking forever for them to supply with that laws for whatever excuse pandemic or whatever they want to use yeah. You pay only 48 dollars, but then you have a problem that nobody have the battery on the charger. So you have a useless tool unless you go, spend the money on this other two again. Thank you. Subscribe uh help my channel, i do the same for you guys. We are a community. We are here to help each other. Please make any suggestion or comment like and subscribe. Thank you again have a fantastic day.

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