How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

Posted by Sara Hill on May 13th, 2021

Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

Yahoo is one of the renowned email service providers. It is a free web-based mailing platform. It has been offering flawless services to its users. 

Sometimes, you may face some issues with your Yahoo account, like you won’t be able to receive mails on your Yahoo mail. What will you do in that situation? Well, if you are dealing with such a problem, then there is no need to worry as you can solve this issue easily on your own. So, let’s see what to do when Yahoo Mail is not receiving emails.

What To Do When Yahoo Mail is Not Receiving Emails? 

  1. Check you have a sound internet connection because many times this trivial issue of bad internet connection may cause huge problems. 
  2. Maybe your Yahoo mail account is running out of memory space, hence you are not able to receive emails on your Yahoo mail. So, clear out the space by deleting the trash and spam mails. 
  3. Check your spam folder because sometimes, some mails go straight to the spam folder. 
  4. You might have created an email filter by mistake. So, check the settings of your account filter and make sure to disable it so that your mails don’t go in any other folder. 
  5. You may also try to update your Yahoo mail app because sometimes, this thing can also become a problem. 
  6. Try signing out and signing in again your Yahoo mail account and check if the problem is still there. 
  7. Try deleting some unwanted emails from your inbox. Sometimes, when your Yahoo account inbox is full, you might not receive any new mails. So, try cleaning space for new mails. 

You may try to solve the problem of Yahoo not receiving emails by following the above mentioned points. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, then get in touch with the customer support team of Yahoo.

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