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Posted by universal translation service on May 13th, 2021

South and North Korean Languages- Difference

There is not much difference between South Korean and North Korean languages. Let\\'s say they are like two orange cocktails made from the same blend and same formula. The difference is created between both languages by the fact that the same language is spoken in both countries for a long time. Therefore, with the growing world, we can see differences in their vernacular, vocabulary, and some other facets relatively. Some of the distinct points were intentional while some were unnoticed. But both, to an extent lead to the distinction between two lands.

A key difference between both regions is that they have given different names to their language. The South Koreans have named their language Hangugeo whereas North Korea calls it Chos?n?. Now, this difference is intentional and the motive behind giving different names to the same language is to create strength and sovereignty by the two regions for their languages.


At Universal Translation Services, we have determined that the evolution of the South Korean language is primarily through the Seoul dialect. Chos?n? has established many words of the English language as part of their language and vernacular. It is generally because South Korea is very well-known to the global community. The continuous interaction of this country with the European States has enhanced diversity in their language.

On the contrary, North Korea is a conservative country with no international community. They don\\'t like an interruption of any other culture or language in their system. And therefore, they take language guidance and instructions from the Pyongyang dialect. In case, the people of North Korea derive words from other languages, their preference is the Russian language rather than the English language.

Such differences are no doubt the conclusion of a long history of political strikes, problems, and restlessness. Though these distinctions are expected to be artificial after a long history of efforts, the conclusion has still resulted in making both South and North Korea comparatively different from each other.

Written Language

At Universal Translation Services, we believe that the writing system of both South Korean and North Korean is called \\"Jamo\\'\\'. The main way through which they can be distinguished is by the native speakers. The writing system of both lingoes is different in terms of vowels, consonants, and some other minor differences. So when provides Korean translation service, our translators check such minor differences closely to ensure quality translation. The various words act like distinct individuals and they have no specific rule to speak them. For a foreign, it is very hard to determine the difference between the writing systems of both languages. But a native speaker can quickly determine and distinguish between the South Korean and North Korean writing systems.

Apart from the way of speaking, the differences extend to words also. It is identified that the South Korean language has more gap in it while the North Korean language pairs up words more commonly.

Spoken Differences:

Though the language is the same for both regions their pronunciation is different. Because natives of both regions speak the language, words and vowels are several different ways even if there are deviant similarities between them.

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