Agile Software Development: A Preferred Approach over Other Software Development

Posted by Chromeinfotech on September 14th, 2015

There are plenty of reasons why agile methods are increasingly becoming mainstream, among the most compelling of which is because they work. While not all agile practices may be appropriate for every business setting, agile development as a whole can deliver great value to organizations, especially with its numerous benefits. The agile process is best applied in managing software development projects. The following is a rundown of the best benefits of agile software development over other technologies and methodologies:

  • Constant stakeholder engagement – the agile process allows for multiple opportunities for stakeholder, consumer, and team engagement. Before, during, and after each stage of development, clients and users are purposefully included in the process so there can be a high degree of collaboration, which leads to better communication of the project’s vision, the consumers’ needs, and the team’s expert inputs. Only agile development can provide you with this level of engagement that ensures a final product that catches the client’s vision and at the same time fulfill the needs of end users in the most efficient and technologically sound manner possible.
  • Complete transparency – because clients are involved in every step of the way, there is complete transparency between the developer and the client—something that is important especially in monitoring the progress of the work and prioritizing important features.
  • Quick and predictable delivery – time to market is also faster as agile development typically uses a time-boxed, fixed schedule, with significant milestones to look forward to. This allows high levels of predictability for project development and completion.
  • Cost predictability – not only does agile development allow for predictable time frames, it also allows for more predictable and controlled costs as you can dictate a fixed duration of work. Development expenses can easily be estimated and projected, so approximations can be planned for. This helps in faster and more informed decision-making on the part of administrators.
  • Program flexibility – Agile development enables greater flexibility in terms of refining and reprioritizing product backlog. This means that new or adjusted backlog items and additional features can easily be planned for the next stage of development or iteration, so changes in terms of product design, feature, etc., can be introduced within mere weeks or even days, if changes are minor.
  • Focus on users and business value – overall project development allows for greater focus on end users and projected business value because you have control over priorities in terms of features, project delivery, etc.

About the Company:

Chrome Infotech is a Software Development and Testing Company with core expertise on Mobile and Web. With a successful count of 500+ projects, our full service packages includes UI/UX Designing apart from iOS Application Development, iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Android Apps Development, PHP Open source Development, Mobile and Web Testing services. We are also recognized and awarded by Clutch as Top App Developer in India for year 2015.

We have a team of dynamic technocrats who are always up to date with latest technologies to provide the most viable and customized solutions to our clients. Our customer centric approach and record on-time delivery give us edge over our competitors.

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