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Posted by RMS Industries on May 13th, 2021

For lifting or lowering heavy loads, various lifting equipment are used to reduce human burden and increase efficiency. With the help of chain pulley system, manual or physical lifting or lowering can be made faster, easier and safer.

Practically in every industrial unit, construction site, warehouses or workshops, chain pulley blocks are installed for moving loads upwards or downwards.

What is a Chain Pulley?

chain pulley is a simple mechanical tool that is used to simplify the lifting or lowering heavy loads. The chain pulley has a linked chain, a metal housing and a gear system as its components.

Chain pulleys are used in industries such as manufacturing units, warehouses, railway and shipping yards and manufacturing and have been in regular use in one or the other form since long.

Depending upon nature of job and movement of load chain pulleys are built using chains of various sizes and thicknesses for use in different conditions and jobs. Thickness of chain assumes importance when you need to move lesser heavy loads at good speed.

Whereas, when you wish to lift or lower heavy loads, you need large and thick chains in the chain pulley block system to withstand much heavier loads.

Chain Pulley Block

A chain pulley block represents the portion of a block and tackle through which the chain wound around. The chain pulley blocks usually have more than one chain that loops through them. The loops of chain are joined or connected to an axle.

When pulled, the chain winds around the wheels and begins the process of lofting the load that is attached to the chain through a hook.

The chain pulley blocks function as blocks when they do not have lines running through them but when they are hung on a beam, the pulley block system functions as a tackle.

The chain pulley blocks are available in various shapes and sizes and can also be configured in variety of forms depending on requirement. Although manually operated are also in use yet most chain pulley blocks are operated using electrically operated motor.

Motorized chain pulley blocks

These motorized chain pulley blocks are extremely reliable and durable as far as wear and tear is concerned.

Their durability and reliability are attributed to their robust structure, consistency in performance and high tensile strength. These are highly energy efficient and can even be used during power cuts.

The pulley block provided in motorized chain pulley block is ideal for lifting, lowering and moving or stacking various goods in manufacturing units, warehouses and construction sites besides mines, agriculture sector and railway/shipping yards.

Manual and portable chain pulley blocks

The manual chain pulley blocks are capable of raising or lowering weight ranging from 0.5 ton to 50 tons and can suffice the need of material handling in factories and other places. However, portable models of chain pulley blocks, despite being smaller and compact in size, can efficiently be utilized in lifting heavy loads up to the height of 200 meters.

Portable chain pulley blocks are extremely light weight and are in demand due to their reliability, durability and sturdiness. Besides being tough, these portable ones are preferred due their easy handling, efficiency and safety.

When you wish to have a high quality tough, sturdy and most durable chain pulley block of international standards and quality, there can be no better product than manufactured by RMS Industries (Loadmate).

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