Health benefits of drinking Jasmine tea

Posted by david jones on May 13th, 2021

1. Supports the calm approach

As you may already know, Camellia sinensis teas are both stimulating and relaxing. These properties are produced thanks to the relatively low caffeine content of the tea, along with the natural amino acid l- theanine.

In other words, compared to coffee, drinking tea allows you to focus without jitters. It lifts you up and then lowers you gently without bumping.

L-theanine also helps maintain a healthier response to stress, which is perfect for busy days.

Due to its base of tea leaves, Taiwanese jasmine tea is packed with l-theanine, with just the right level of caffeine. See, the addition of jasmine petals makes this tea rich in linalool, one of the components responsible for the floral aroma you smell when preparing or drinking jasmine tea.

The smell of linalool isn't just pleasant — science says it can even help you relax. So remember to take a deep breath while drinking, especially if you are having a rough day!

2. Supports healthy skin

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and jasmine tea can promote skin health in a number of ways.

For one thing, the polyphenols found in tea can help support healthy aging by acting as antioxidants, keeping you looking good from the inside out.

But the jasmine petals themselves also have a huge impact when it comes to skin health.

Studies show that some components of jasmine flowers may have cleansing properties while supporting the skin's natural healing ability.

Most research focuses on the topical effects of jasmine for skin health, implying that concentrated jasmine tea could be the perfect complement to homemade skincare products.

Whether you drink it, use it in scrubs and rinses, or both, your skin will appreciate the benefits of jasmine tea.

3. Supports healthy cells

Green tea, the most common base for jasmine tea, is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and catechins like EGCG that support cellular health.

But alongside the usual surprising health-promoting compounds found in tea, jasmine tea has free radical scavengers thanks to the jasmine petals.

That means jasmine tea is a great option if you want even more antioxidants than most true teas.

4. Supports healthy cholesterol levels

Up to 17 independent clinical trials show that green tea can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in humans

And an animal study found that, compared to other types of teas, Chinese green tea and jasmine tea had the greatest benefit for cholesterol levels.

While it is yet to be proven, there is a possibility that jasmine's unique antioxidants could boost jasmine tea's ability to promote healthy cholesterol levels even more.

5. Supports gut health

Drinking tea helps support a healthy gut because some polyphenols act as prebiotics, nourishing your microbiome by feeding your gut bacteria.

And in the case of fermented teas like pu'er, we can also add a probiotic benefit (which provides healthy bacteria) to the list.

Plus, drinking tea helps support your body's natural anti-inflammatory response throughout your body, including your gut.

While it's too early to say for sure, some animal evidence suggests that jasmine may help support your body's ability to maintain a healthy gut by promoting high levels of natural cellular antioxidants.

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