Cranes are More Than Just Construction Equipment

Posted by RMS Industries on May 13th, 2021

Cranes are an integral part of several material loading industries such as construction, shipping yards, scrap metal yards, mining industries and more. A typical crane is made up of a hoist rope, chains, cables and pulleys to lift and move heavy loads, far beyond what human labor can. There are several types of cranes available such as Hot cranes, Gantry cranes, overhead or bridge cranes, Jib cranes and more to meet specific purposes.

Bridge Cranes are Adaptable to Several Environments

Overhead bridge cranes are widely used for material handling purposes. They are a versatile piece of machinery, with high lifting capabilities, that can adapt to many environments. A bridge crane can be placed along the height of your facility’s ceiling, avoiding the use of the facility floor space. You can use them in a facility with less space, as the crane can travel right above the load, without the requirement of a clear path.

Your workers will become more productive as the crane will take the load of handling heavy and over-sized materials, off your workers. Moreover, bridge cranes are safe as the crane operator can operate the crane from a safe location. Overhead bridge cranes come with precision controls that allow the operator to position heavy objects at the exact place, minimizing chances of error, reducing the chances of accidents, as well as product damage.

Gantry Cranes are the Ideal Alternatives for Permanent Lifting Solutions

In case you don’t want to invest in expensive and large permanent lifting solutions; Gantry cranes are the ideal alternatives. These are adjustable machines which are mostly used outdoors, at adjustable heights and around obstacles during transportation. As cranes gantry do not require building structures, they can be installed easily, quickly and are cheaper lifting solutions for your facility. Moreover, they are compact, low-weight, maintainable and can be easily operated.

Crane manufacturers supply Gantry cranes in different models and designs like Rubber Tired Gantry, Semi Gantry cranes and Full Gantry crane options.

When looking to invest in a crane, consider certain important factors like the area of application, capacity required, the frequency of the use, the height of the hoist lift, the power system of the crane and more. Ordering after considering these factors, ensure that you buy the right crane which will help you to complete your project in the given time frame, while being safe.

Look for an Efficient Crane to Speed up Your Work

A crane is a big investment, so make sure that you buy one that is high quality, satisfies your requirement and ensures the safety of your employees. Look for a reputed and experienced crane manufacturer and discuss your requirements. Make sure that they provide great after sales service and ascertain whether they will be able to repair and replace parts if needed, to avoid any inconvenience. The crane manufacture must be trust worthy, experienced and offer exceptional services.

You can approach RMS Industries for their cranes under their brand name LOADMATE. They believe in providing high quality products and excellent services to build a lifetime relationship with their customers.

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