Cranes Play a Crucial Part in Several Industries

Posted by RMS Industries on May 13th, 2021

Cranes Assist in Easing the Life of Labor

Cranes are one of the most important machines of the construction industry. Cranes are enormous machines that lift, move, lower and raise heavy objects, to work easy and quick. Construction site work, is considered to be hazardous, but thanks of modern technology and innovation, cranes have made work on construction sites safer by reducing the number of accidents significantly.

There are different kinds of cranes with different characteristics for specific purposes. Whether is it constructing buildings or bridges, or it is the mining industry or marine industry, there is always a specific type of crane to complete that specific job. The EOT or Electric Overhead Traveling Crane, is one of the most popular types of overhead cranes used for various projects.

EOT Cranes are Dependable and Safe Machines

EOT cranes are commonly used, as they have the ability of lower or raise heavy material and can travel in both directions. EOT crane manufacturers, supply Single Girder EOT crane as well as Double Girder EOT crane. A single girder crane is suitable for warehouses and small industries because of their compact design. Double girder cranes are more suitable for industries such as shipyards to lift heavy cargo, big construction sites, etc. that require heavy duty cranes. In fact, thermal power plants, steel plants, rolling mills, construction sites, etc. are all incomplete without an electric overhead traveling crane.

EOT cranes are easy to operate and your crane operator will need a short training session to learn to operate it. It has a strong hook that can raise and lower heavy material safely. This lowers any chances of unfortunate incidents such as damaging goods, spilling dangerous liquids, injuring labor etc. Having an overhead crane, at your projects site, ensures high work efficiency and productivity.

EOT Cranes Give you a GreaReturn on Your Investmentt

Once you start looking for the right girder crane for your project, you will realize that they are affordable machines. These cranes do not breakdown often, which saves on repair and maintenance costs. Also, the requirement of low repairs extends the operating life of the crane.

Buying a crane is not a small investment, hence look for an EOT crane manufacturer, who can supply cranes made from top-quality material. A high- quality crane can serve you for a long period with optimum performance. It will boost productivity while ensuring safety. Other than choosing the right crane girder, it is important to choose the right manufacturer. You must check their ratings of potential suppliers, to get an idea about their technology and approach.

The price of a specific crane may change from supplier to supplier. In such cases, compare the features, the technology, and the quality of the crane as well as the reputation of the manufacturer to make a wise decision. Also, it is important to check the after sales service of the company, so that any issues that come up later can be handled professionally.

LOADMATE cranes by RMS Industries offer a wide range of lifting solutions, to fit your project. They will offer you the most appropriate and top-quality crane to meet all your requirements.

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