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Posted by John Larson on May 13th, 2021

CHICAGO, IL (May 13th, 2021) - Innovator, entrepreneur and tech genius Andrew Sobko leads the way in using artificial intelligence for logistics and hedge funds. Being the Founder and CEO of a AI driven logistics company — CDL 1000, and Co-founder of an AI driven hedge fund company — Project One Capital, he has made sure that AI is used to find demand and opportunities before the traditional ways in the market does.

AI is being used by every other industry, especially the Big Tech, to automate actions that are otherwise time consuming and cost plenty. AI saves them time and money, not to mention making a great deal of moolah for them by predicting consumer needs and connecting them with the appropriate suppliers. In much the same way, Andrew Sobko's CDL 1000 predicts which products in its automated warehouse will see a rise in demand. This has them prepare for logistics well in advance and thereby reducing transportation costs and staying ahead in getting orders.

He has also developed alpha based learning AI algorithms that specifically pinpoint the market demand projections. At the same time it applies real-time data analysis and insights without any human interruptions that result in much better returns for investors and more investments.

"Assuredly, those who are not on board with AI are going to lose the race. Or they'll be so far behind that eventually they'll be inconsequential. I'm also a Council Member of the Forbes Business Council and President of The New York Central Holdings. I see companies making millions via AI on a daily basis. I see AI based new companies skyrocketing. Quite literally, this is the best time to invest in AI related businesses. Remember ladies and gentlemen, the early bird catches the worm is a fact no matter which country you're living in. Take it from this Andrew Sobko who has been around — if you want to make money, then start investing in AI based models. Invest in Project One Capital and be assured that you will have to hire someone to count your dollars for you. No two ways about it", said Andrew Sobko.

About Andrew Sobko:
Andrew Sobko is an entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio of enterprises and business ventures. He has multiple successful business ventures based on artificial intelligence and is strongly committed to bettering the lives of the communities he serves. He is currently the CEO of a supply chain logistics company called CDL1000, the CEO and Co-founder of Project One Capital and the President of The New York Central Holdings LLC.

For more information, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-sobko-662231102/


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