What Smart TV is best Suited for Home Entertainment?

Posted by tanjnipache on May 13th, 2021

Today, the market is flooded with TVs of different brands flaunting a variety of advanced technological features. Zeroing in on one can be confusing. However, understanding the features offered would make it easy to select the one that is the most appropriate.
The TV is generally purchased for home entertainment. The 4k android tv has a proven track record of offering the best features to enhance home entertainment. Some of these features include:
Display quality: This comprises certain basic components that determine the quality of the display of the TV to be purchased. They are:
Resolution: Most 4K Smart TVs have a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. This is about 4 times the resolution of the normal HD TV. Thus with so many pixels closely packed the picture that is displayed is sharp, precise, well defined, detailed and has clarity and depth.     
HDR: Most high-end Smart TVs have the latest version of the HDR technology incorporated. HDR refers to high dynamic range. The dynamic range of a TV display refers to the contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black display present on the screen. It helps to distinguish different hues and colour tones perfectly thereby making the sunsets and other such images appear true to life.
Refresh rate: The TV display is replaced every second. When the number of times this happens within the second is higher, the better is the viewing experience of the 4k ultra hd smart tv.
Types of display: Most Smart TVs offer 3 basic display types namely LED that is normally available, the OLED with perfect white colours and a thin screen and the OLED that has the thinnest screen possible and displays perfect black colours.

Connectivity: Home entertainment does not always refer to watching DTH telecasts and televised programs. It also refers to watching internet-based OTT content. Thus, connectivity plays an important role in deciding which Smart TV to buy. Connectivity ports that have to be present on the back panel of the TV screen are:
USB ports that help connect pen drives, external hard drives, internet dongles etc.HDMI port to enable connectivity between the TV and other devices like the laptop, gaming consoles, fire TV stick etc.
Bluetooth for connecting devices without using cables
Other connectivity ports like the audio jack, the HDMI Arc, the RCA audio output are optional. If a viewer wants to connect a soundbar or a home theatre system to the Smart TV, he should opt for these extra ports.

Sound quality: The better the quality of Smart TV, the superlative is the incorporated sound technology. Thus the best 4k ultra hd tv comes with a Dolby Atmos sound system to provide for a 360degree immersive surround sound experience. However, this technology is quite costly and increases the TV price considerably. For home entertainment, other technologies like the DTS, Dolby Digital etc. coupled with speakers of relatively high watts is more than enough.
The 55 inch 4k smart tv is currently a very popular choice for home entertainment. It is affordable and has almost all the important features mentioned above. Thus, it meets all the required parameters making it a good buy for any normal household.

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