How Can a Latex Mattress Pad Prolong the Life of Your Mattress?

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on September 15th, 2015

Mattress pads are bedding items that you add to your mattress to increase its longevity and create an additional layer of comfort to your bed. Secondarily, these bed accessories provide greater flexibility to your sleeping surface.

While mattresses provide great comfort by themselves, forgoing a pad can mean faster wear, and it will not be long before your bed, particularly its softer components, compress under the pressure of your bodyweight. This can result in uneven sleeping surfaces, which can cause great discomfort to the user. Your mattress will also be prone to discoloration due to perspiration and skin oils, which can add to your discomfort, especially when you fail to clean your sleeping surface on a regular basis. By simply turning and rotating your mattress and your mattress pad, you can extend the life of your bed for as long as you find it comfortable.

Mattresses have three major enemies, namely, body perspiration, dead skin (and bacteria), and undue settlement. On the average, the human body releases as much as 2 pints of moisture every night. Your sweat, oils, and fluids have nowhere to go but your covers, duvet, and mattress. Without a mattress pad to protect your bed from this much moisture every night, you can expect a soggy, unsanitary spread in just a few months. Toppers and covers absorb moisture and perspiration before they can even reach your core mattress. They are far cheaper to replace and are washable, which means you can get more use out of your investment even when it has served you for quite some time.

Dead skin and bacteria also inevitably end up on your mattress and mattress pads shield your bed from the contamination they bring. With your bed free from these contaminants, you get to prevent common allergies and irritations that they cause.

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