Why to Opt for Impact Windows and Kitchen Remodeling in Fort Lauderdale and Boca

Posted by phoenixwd on May 13th, 2021

From hurricane protection to safety, impact windows are an excellent choice to protect any family. Moreover, the impact window comes with the following additional benefits, which make it a worthy investment.

Storm Protection: A properly installed impact window provides the highest level of protection for the home. The impact glass consists of two layers of glass and an intermediate layer to ensure a robust glass component. One can use the best-laminated glass from suppliers such as Cardinal Glass to improve quality and strength. All these products comply with the most stringent Florida building codes and are licensed by the most prestigious organizations. The next time the storm strikes, one can be sure one’s safe.

Security: The strength of the glass protects the windows from storms and prevents theft and burglary. It includes two layers of glass and an intermediate layer, making entry or invasion difficult.

Economical: The impact windows in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida reflect heat from outside and help regulate the temperature in the home. This means homeowners can get an Energy Star rating and get a tax credit. Also, most homeowners prefer stained glass over load-bearing windows. This is a very effective way to reduce energy costs and save electricity costs. Tinted glass absorbs sunlight as it passes through the glass, reducing heat and light transfer into the room. One can save even more by choosing the Low-E glass cover. A low emissivity coating is applied to the inner glass to separate heat and light energy. Heat is reflected to the heat source, allowing shortwave light to pass through the room, activating the interior illumination. In summer, the low emissivity layer keeps the home cool while maintaining natural light. This improves insulation and energy savings throughout the year.

Reduce Noise:

Impact windows not only protect users from elements but also reduce outdoor noise. A home is not just a shelter; it is more of a palace. So how about securing the home without compromising the beauty?

UV Protection: With impact-resistant glass, natural light can enter the home without harmful UV rays. It can filter up to 90% of UV light to prevent fading in furniture, carpets, curtains, and works of art. Florida is essential because it is exposed to direct sunlight all year round.

Curb Appeal and Appearance of Home Remains Intact:

When installing hurricane shutters, they must be removed after each hurricane. Some permanent shutters, such as Accordion, fold nicely into a protective cover when not in use. Some shutters, such as the Bahamas, can be used all year round. Regardless of the slicing method, the window will have some exterior treatment (with or without folding) unless one selects a storm panel. All of these bring additional maintenance, which can be closed before and after each storm.

Discounts on Insurance Premium:

Impact windows and doors are an effective storm protection system approved by many insurance companies. They can always protect the home, but the homeowner should mount and close it. Insurance companies can understand this and lower their premiums.

For those looking to upgrade their kitchen, kitchen remodeling in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida can be an option.

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