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Ellen Starr is one of the finest licensed psychotherapist in Toronto who has been practising therapy since 1987, that’s 27 years of experience in listening to people’s problems, analysing them and finding solutions for the same.

Armed with a master’s degree in the field of psychology, Ellen Starr started her own Ellen Starr Psychotherapy Toronto centre where she has been helping people heal from the inside. She tends to focus specifically on marriage therapy/couples counselling, sexual therapy and also individual psychotherapy.

Her highest priority, her patients agree, is making them feel safe and giving them an environment where her clients can open up about their issues without any inhibitions and explore as well as resolve them.

Her vast experience that she has accumulated during her years as Toronto licensed therapist have made her a bit of an expert and has appeared in articles by several leading papers and magazines to answer questions regarding therapy in the field of her interest.

Therapy Services

Psychological damages that may have been inflicted either in the past or the present can be analysed and resolved in Psychotherapy. At Ellen Starr all the important events as well as relationships are explored in an environment that is completely safe and non-judgemental.

Ellen Starr offers therapeutic services, especially relationship and couples therapy, psychotherapy and sexual therapy.


All psychotherapists in Toronto agree that individual psychotherapy when conducted for both men and women has proved to be extremely beneficial in heightening and individual’s self esteem, improving the relationships, understanding and then relieving the anxiety attacks. This type of therapy also helps to heal and in a sense find closure to traumatic events both from the past and also the present.

Whether you are dealing with post-partum issues, depression or have problems in your relationships, Ellen Starr will help you get over all of them.

Couples Therapy

Often couples tend to face issues after a few years of being together and if ignored it can pretty much take over your entire life and that will be the end of your relationship. However when therapy is sought out before it gets from bad to worse, chances are that you will end up saving the relationship. Ellen Starr is an experienced psychotherapist in Toronto who helps both the partners discover new ways to connect and respond to each other.

Each therapy session involves in exploring the relationship and hence finding the difficulties that the couples have been facing. By talk therapy sessions, solutions to these problems are figured out which then help in overcoming all of the issues that have been biting into the healthy relationship.

Sexual Therapy

For a lot of couples sex, though intimate can be a terrifying experience. All the years of experience as a licensed therapist in Toronto have equipped Ellen with knowledge that is needed to overcome these problems. All the aspects of sexual issues are covered here be it low sexual desire, addiction, abuse survivors etc. Whatever the problem, she can help you find a solution.

If you are facing problems in your relationship then visit Ellen Starr before it gets out of hand.

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