Latest Trends and Features in Smartphones

Posted by sunainaram on September 15th, 2015

A Smartphone – a novel technology!

We all have heard of the term ‘smartphone’, but often we do not know the difference between a normal mobile phone and a smartphone. In a precise manner, a smartphone is a gadget that not only allows you to make calls, but also works as a mini-computer allowing you to send and receive emails, enables internet browsing, video chatting, edit Office documents, etc.

The trend of switching over from a normal flip cell phone to using a smartphone in Bangladesh has slowly crept in. There is an unprecedented demand for smartphones in Bangladesh.

The demand for smartphones in Bangladesh depend on the following vital parameters-

1. Demand based in Operating System - The preferences for different Operating Systems as Windows Phone, Firefox Phone, iOS Phone, Android Phone and Feature Phone can be seen variedly among different age groups.
2. Demand based on Brand – The brand is another major factor that plays a pivotal role wherein demand for a smartphone in Bangladesh in concerned.

Latest Features in Smartphones attracting users-

As the name suggests, smartphones provide users with cutting-edge technology with coupled ease of usage and connectivity. Some essential features that one would look out for while buying a smartphone in Bangladesh are

• Games
• Web browsing
• Multimedia entertainment
• High-end camera function

New trends in smartphone features-

With technology advancing with leaps and bounds, most of the mobile giants have continually been involved in the rat race to develop the best possible device to capture the market; many are already launching.

Some vivid features that lure end users to pick a handset no matter what the price are-

• A smarter, thinner and lighter smartphone - As possessing a smartphone marks the class and style statement, it is inevitable that the face value of the phone is more vital. The trend is growing for sleeker models which are lighter in weight and look slim.
• The screen size – What lures one and many is the screen size and the features thereof, for better visual quality. A screen size as big as 5.5” makes sure everyone enjoys visual clarity. HD display and a higher resolution enable color accuracy and give your eyes a visual treat.
• Sensors – Smartphones are indeed becoming smarter! Some phones come with a finger-identity sensor that helps unlock the phone!
• Camera – A higher resolution camera allows for breathtaking image capturing.
• Wireless charging – A wireless charging feature is a blessing. Simply pop your smartphone onto a mobile charging pad and it is charged.
• AMOLED Display – No more running into dark or putting your phone under the shadow of your hand to text or call. The AMOLED display lets you handle your phone as easy in sunlight as otherwise.

Besides the above, enhanced security, Smart Manager applications, seamless content sharing i.e connect your smartphone device to a computer or a TV and an enormous in-built memory capacity are all the trending features of a smartphone.

So next time while treating yourself to the latest in technology, check out the trending factors!


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