Financial Advisor Marketing Companies: Top 10 Companies To Work With In 2021

Posted by Ralston Blair on May 14th, 2021

Why Do Financial Advisors Benefit From Working With Marketing Companies?

Most financial advisors don’t have a lot of time to devote to their marketing strategy. Not only are they busy running their business and serving their clients, marketing may not be their expertise or interest. That’s why top advisors outsource their marketing to proven professionals that understand our industry and compliance.

Which Is The Best Marketing Company For You?

But which marketing companies for financial advisors will help you grow your assets under management (AUM) and which are a waste of money? It’s hard to know where to start. Whether you’re looking to launch a one-time campaign or outsource your entire digital marketing strategy, there are marketing companies built to help you grow your business while you focus on more important things.

Here are the top 10 financial services marketing companies you should work with in 2020.

1. Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

FMG Suite

Best For: Advisors looking for a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs

FMG Suite is one of the largest financial advisor marketing companies in the nation. It offers comprehensive solutions, including personalized websites, compliance-ready content, email and social media tools, and more. If you’ve spent any time researching marketing for financial advisors, then you’ve probably seen this company’s name pop up a time or two.

FMG Suite was started in 2011 in San Diego, California (I worked there for several years!). It owns several financial services marketing firms, including Advisors Assistant, Marketing Pro, Advisor Launchpad, Platinum Advisor Strategies, and Agency Revolution.

If you’re interested in FMG Suite, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial on their website.

2. Websites for Financial Advisors

Twenty Over Ten

Best For: Advisors who want a modern website platform that integrates seamlessly with compliance teams and has top-rated customer service

Twenty Over Ten is a website platform built for the modern financial advisor. It features eye-catching website templates, free SSL certificates, editable content libraries, and more. digital agency

Twenty Over Ten is also dedicated to bridging the gap between compliance teams and financial advisors. Through its Providence Platform, you can quickly get website changes reviewed and approved by your compliance team (without having to go back and forth via email).

Twenty Over Ten has a free 14-day trial for new clients.

3. Branding and Communications for Financial Advisors

Impact Communications and Marie Swift

Best For: Independent financial advisors who want to enhance their reputations and increase their credibility

Impact Communications is a full-service marketing communications firm for independent financial advisors and the institutions that support them. It specializes in building brand awareness through communications and public relations tactics.

You can work with Impact Communications through their hourly consulting service. Or you can buy a turnkey package that covers anything from logo design and website management to media promotions and event planning support.

Impact Communications was started in 1993 by the one and only Marie Swift, who is known for her thought leadership in the financial services space. Her work has been published by,, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, NAPFA Advisor magazine, and

4. One-on-One Consulting for Financial Advisors

Red Zone Marketing and Maribeth Kuzmeski

Best For: High-level financial firms in search of one-on-one consulting and digital marketing services

Once your firm has experienced significant growth, it can be hard to continue that trajectory. That’s where Maribeth Kuzmeski of Red Zone Marketing comes in. Her firm provides one-on-one consulting services for two groups of people: elite firms managing 0 million to billion in client assets and their high-performing assistants. She also offers digital marketing packages for firms that want to outsource their marketing efforts.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, president of Red Zone Marketing, is a legend in the marketing industry. She’s authored seven books, has been named a Top 25 C-Suite Speaker, and is a regular presenter at Barron’s Top Producer conferences.

5. Referral Generation for Financial Advisors

Bill Cates Referral Coach

Best For: Advisors who want to clarify their marketing message and attract ideal clients through increased referrals and word of mouth

If you’re looking for a DIY marketing solution that’s focused on helping you acquire high-level clients through word of mouth and referrals, look no further than Bill Cates’ Referral Coach program. This comprehensive online video training program teaches you how to grow your business by:

Focusing your message Engaging your clients Leveraging your relationships An individual plan membership costs 7 a year and includes unlimited access to the video lessons, one-on-one online coaching with Bill, a 60-day action plan, helpful resources, and more. Most program participants see at least a 20% growth in business after implementing Bill’s strategies.

6. Digital Advertising for Financial Advisors

MBI Direct Mail and Brian Spicer

Best For: Advisors who need print and digital advertising materials for a marketing campaign

MBI Direct Mail offers fast and cost-effective print and digital advertising solutions to businesses, agencies, and brokers. While most direct mail production facilities take two weeks to finish a project, MBI Direct Mail has turnaround times as quick as 24 hours.

Here’s an overview of what it’s like to work with this company:

They perform a market analysis to better understand your target audience. The design team gets to work creating your digital and print advertisements. They print your materials and deliver them to you via USPS. They help you measure your campaign’s performance so you can optimize future campaigns. Brian Spicer is the National Sales Advisor at MBI Direct Mail. He’s been with the company for over 16 years and helps large and small businesses tackle their direct mail advertising needs.

7. Seminars for Financial Advisors

White Glove

Best For: Advisors who give educational seminars and want a professional team to plan everything for them

White Glove is an advisor-built and advisor-owned marketing company that offers two products: 100% done-for-you educational seminar and social media management services. They pride themselves on the “white glove” experience (hence their name). That’s why they plan everything for you.

When you hire them for seminar services, for example, you’re assigned a dedicated coach who finds and books your venue, deploys digital marketing strategies, manages registrations, sends email campaigns and reminders, trains and preps you for your seminar, and more. Their goal is to keep a steady stream of clients in your pipeline without requiring any of your time.

8. Education for Financial Advisors

Nerd’s Eye View and (Michael Kitces)

Best For: Advisors who want to stay up to date on the latest industry news, marketing trends, and practice management strategies

Michael Kitces is a self-proclaimed financial planning nerd. He created his website,, to serve as a hub where financial advisors can find credible financial planning content.

Michael offers free financial planning resources through his weekly newsletter and Nerd’s Eye View blog. But advisors who want to dive deeper into exclusive content can buy a membership, which gives them access to:

Exclusive whitepapers, webinars, and management resources Continuing education articles that are approved for CFP CE credit The Financial Advisor Success podcast series that shares stories of successful financial advisors and the steps they took to grow their businesses

Monthly memberships cost to a month depending on which tier you choose.

9. Business Coaching for Financial Advisors

Carson Group and Advisor Coaching

Best For: Advisors who want a one-on-one business coach and accountability partner

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a dedicated person you could call every time you had a difficult question about your practice, needed resources for your marketing, or needed help with creating a long-term plan for your advisory firm? In my opinion, Carson Group is the best coaching platform for financial advisors.

When you become a Carson member, you’re assigned a dedicated business coach who acts as your guide and accountability partner. They help you tackle challenges, big and small, in areas like:

Marketing Technology Succession planning Investments Compliance Client communications Budgeting Hiring

Carson Group claims its members grow their businesses 2x faster than the industry average over a two-year period. Since its inception in 1993, it has coached over 12,000 advisors.

10. Custom Marketing Solutions

Indigo Marketing Agency

Best For: Advisors who understand the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves

At Indigo Marketing Agency, we help independent financial advisors embrace a specialty through their marketing. By creating 100% custom marketing campaigns that explain what you do, who you serve, and how you help, we help you:

Charge a premium for your services. Find more of your ideal clients. Clarify who you want to attract and who you want to repel. Get more referrals. Work with more people you enjoy serving. To learn more about our total marketing package, register for our webinar The Truth About Marketing for Financial Advisors.

Outsourcing your marketing is critical if you plan to grow your firm in 2020. Working with a team that understands your business, your ideal clients, and your industry will allow you to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Good luck with your marketing in 2020 and beyond!

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