Differences Between Invisalign and Braces

Posted by Lucy petterson on May 14th, 2021

A lot of us are not fortunate to have a perfectly aligned set of teeth. Buck teeth are a phenomenon that affects many of us. Characterized by obtusely angled teeth in the front of either only the upper jaw or both the upper and lower jaw, buck teeth can be a spoiler of one’s looks. 

Fortunately, orthodontics has advanced to the point that one gets rid of such an unpleasant medical condition. Unlike a few years ago, we have more than one option in choosing the right solution for achieving the natural alignment of our teeth. 

Braces and Invisalign treatment in south east London are the two solutions one which you can opt from and get the most perfect and natural-looking smile.

Below are the differences between Invisalign and braces that will shed some light on them to help you decide which one to go for.

1- Discreetness

The traditional wire braces look very conspicuous and give out their presence while smiling. It means they counteract the very reason you may think of using them in the first place. Nevertheless, braces are to be worn for a year and a half to two—patience pays it off well.

Invisalign treatment in south east London, on the other hand, gives complete discreetness; during the whole term of using this orthodontic solution, you don’t need to worry about people noticing its presence.

2- Detachability

While wearing braces, it is like a term-end contract you have signed. You, therefore, cannot remove the wires from the teeth; they are glued onto the surface of the teeth. It can hamper your routine oral activities like brushing, flossing, chewing certain food items, etc.

Invisalign treatment in south east London, on the other hand, is unique in this aspect. You can remove the Invisalign any time, be it for a close-up, sharing a valuable moment with your partner, or dining with pals.

3- Cost differences

Braces are a less expensive solution for teeth alignment. The age-old method is still the most sought-after for straightening and lining up the teeth. The procedure of fitting braces is time-consuming and painstaking. 

The easy availability of braces, their widespread use, and less market-permeation of Invisalign treatment in south east London make braces a relatively inexpensive solution. 

Invisalign hasn’t got the amount of attention that it is expected to. Besides, not many dental clinics have adopted the treatment solution. It makes it a pricey option. 

4- Frequency of visits to the clinic

Both braces and Invisalign need to be implanted at a dental clinic under certified and trained professional’s expertise. 

Braces need to be adjusted after every one month or so. It is the gradual tightening of the braces that gets the teeth in the desired position and alignment. 

Apart from the mechanical tightening, even rubber bands and springs in-between the braces’ framework needs to be implemented; this gives the additional strength in the required places for filling up the gaps in-between two teeth. 

Invisalign is designed such that you do not need to visit the clinic every now and then. It can prove a great way of getting the desired results with fewer visits to the clinic. People with the constraint of time or those who need to be on the move can opt for Invisalign in Crystal Palace

Closing Thoughts

As you have got the valuable information from the article as to what the differences are between Invisalign and braces, you can decide what the best solution for you is. Invisalign is a revolutionary method of getting teeth aligned; however, it comes at a very high price. 

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