Amy Childs reveals she WON'T be designing her wedding dress

Posted by oneal on September 16th, 2015

She's giving Victoria Beckham a run for her money with her sell-out clothing line but Amy Childs has revealed there's 'no way' she would design her own wedding dress as it'd be 'too stressful'.

However, the 25-year-old fashion designer, who recently celebrated her one year anniversary with builder boyfriend Bradley Wright, admitted she knows what kind of shape and colour gown she'd go for.

Former TOWIE star Amy fuelled engagement rumours after posting a picture on Instagram that shows her wearing an expensive Tiffany & Co. ring on her wedding finger.

Although the Brentwood-based TV personality claims she's not planning on heading down the aisle any time soon, she has been gushing about her 'sweet' man.

Asked whether she'd make her own wedding frock, Amy told FEMAIL ahead of the launch of her 16th fashion range: 'No way! My friend did hers and it was stunning but I would find it way too stressful.

'I’d have notes on what I would want though - I’d know the shape I’d want to go for and the colour and things like that.'

Amy says she's tried to 'up my game' with her new autumn drop, which features figure-flattering evening dresses in jewel tones and body-contouring frocks with pretty lace overlays.

She said she always consults boyfriend Bradley on her designs but admits his style could do with a bit of improvement:

She said: 'He loves being part of my life and my collection is a massive part of that.

Amy said Bradley, who she met while on a night out in Brentwood, loves to see her in 'something fun with a little bit of cleavage maybe'

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'He’s so sweet and he’s really proud of me and how hard I work. He’s not got the best fashion sense but he knows what looks good on - sometimes a man’s opinion is useful.'

This time round the red-headed starlet has done her homework and headed to the front rows to ensure she's clued up on all the runway trends.

'I really looked at the catwalks last year and even went to a couple of London Fashion Week shows at the beginning of the year to get a feel of the trends,' she said.

'I’m also really inspired by the seasons - the autumn leaves, earthier colours and winter nights; I love this time of year.'

Harry Derbridge's cousin said she feels 'overwhelmed' by the positive response her clothes have received but credits her success to the fact she knows what her fans want in their wardrobes.

'I think women love my dresses because they love that I’ll think about both trends and practicality and I’ll always listen to what women want,' she said.

She added: 'Making women feel good in my garments is the first thing I think about. I’m not going to make something just because it’s a trend but in reality it will only look good on a size six model, that’s not what my collection is about.'

With her glossy mane of hair, enviably svelte figure and flawless bronzed skin, it's hard to believe that Amy has any body issues. However she says she's only really learned to embrace herself and feel body confident over the past 12 months.

'It’s actually exhausting picking yourself apart and worrying how you look all the time,' she said. 'I’ve owned my curves and my body shape so now when I go to the gym and eat clean it’s not to lose weight or look a certain way- it’s to tone up my curves and be healthy.'

She's also cut back on the slap and isn't afraid to opt for the natural look now and again.

'I’ve really started to embrace going makeup free,' she said. 'It’s harder when you’re in the public eye and you’re expected to look a certain way and I do love looking glam but there’s something so nice about a fresh face and clean skin - and I love my freckles.'

Amy, who would love to see Irina Shayk and Suki Waterhouse in her dresses, is passionate about instilling her new found confidence in her fans: 'I want every woman to look in the mirror and love what they see.

'But I’m also a realist and I know that women might not like a certain part of themselves - that’s why I might bring in a long sleeve on a dress or nip in the waist of a certain look.'

She added: 'I think of different body shapes when I design and I even get girls at the warehouse to try on a dress to see how it fits and makes them feel. It’s not the shortest process but it’s very important to me.'

Amy said Bradley, who she met while on a night out in Brentwood, loves to see her in 'something fun with a little bit of cleavage maybe'.

She said: 'He doesn’t like it when I wear things that don’t suit me - I think us girls sometimes wear styles because it’s fashionable not because it suits your shape; we’re all guilty of that.'

Although she's ruled out designing her wedding dress, Amy would love to do spin-off lines in the future.

'I get a lot of people asking me to do maternity and I would love to do it. I think something like that could definitely be in the pipeline,' she said.

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