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Posted by guoguole on September 16th, 2015

There is about one week from the launch of fifa 16 on September 22, FIFA fans may worry about if the hard-earned fifa points can be carried over for new edition. Here is the answer - EA has officially confirmed that FIFA Points may be transferred from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. So now it is time to learn how to transfer fifa points and use it to buy good players in Fifa 16.

What can fifa points used for in fifa games?

FIFA Points are a form of currency that can be purchased from game’s store or console’s store. Being transferred to fifa 16, they can be an alternate to fifa 16 coins and used to buy Ultimate Team packs. You can buy them in fifa 16 on released date, or you can transfer your FIFA Points on FUT 15 to FUT 16.

With price ranges meaning that good players can no longer go for mad amount of coins. Plus gamers haven’t got the free trade though there is much concern on improving fifa market and bringing back trade offers, FIFA Points is never ignored as a way to get players quicker and easier because it prevents players from being forced through multiple Xbox LIVE Marketplace or PlayStation Store menus to purchase new Ultimate Team packs.

How to transfer FIFA Points and use them in FUT 16? 

Similar to the transfer between FIFA 14 to FIFA 15, FIFA Points transfer for fifa 16 is a one-time deal. When you play FIFA 16 for the first time, there will be a reminder to carry over this currency, and you could follow the steps like that:

1. Buy all the FIFA points you want by the end of FUT 15.

2. Get on the early access/Go to ultimate team on released date of fifa 16.

3. A message should pop up asking if you want to do a one-time transfer.

4. Hit yes or if not you won’t get the chance again.

5. Once transferred, you can use your points on console, the FUT 16 Web App and companion app (for iOS and Android devices).

6. Go to your console’s Ultimate Team, browse to ‘Store’ and choose which one pack you want to buy.

7. Choose if you want to pay by fut 16 coins or FIFA Points. If you do not have enough funds, you will be redirected to the FIFA Points buying menu.


1. Make sure it is a one-time transfer. If you’ve gone back into FIFA 15 to purchase FIFA Points after seeing the reminder message, your points will not transfer over to FIFA 16.

2. FIFA Points can be shared only between same platforms, so if you buy them on Xbox One for FUT 16 you can’t use them on Playstation 4, but you can on Xbox 360.

3. There is no option to buy Bronze Pack, a Premium Bronze Pack, a Gold Contracts Pack or a Premium Bronze Players Pack with FIFA Points because they are very cheap. The only option to get them is to pay cheap fifa 16 coins.

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