Things You Should Know About Natural Contraception Methods

Posted by ladycomp on September 16th, 2015

Natural birth control is the ideal means to approach planning pregnancy and family size. It enables both husband and wife to avoid taking artificial chemicals in the form of pills and the need to use uncomfortable condoms. Instead, natural birth control methods rely on a woman's biological fertile phase, avoiding or purposefully taking part in intercourse within the determined period of ovulation and on the day she ovulates which is the time that pregnancy can occur.

Unnatural contraceptive measures can put a strain on women's health and take a toll on their sex life as they often impair general well-being. They can lead to weight gain, decreased libido, blood clots, depression and other unwanted results (including the third mechanism of the pill and IUD: the anti-implantation one, which doesn't allow a newly conceived embryo to attach to the mother's uterine lining). However, it’s not necessary to impinge on health when preventing pregnancy, neither need it be necessary to impede on the pleasure of intercourse between married couples.

There are different forms of natural birth control, but the most effective are those that teach women how to recognise and chart their signs of fertility. These signs ebb and flow according to the natural changes in their hormones within each menstrual cycle. The two main approaches practitioners and their patients use include the symptom-thermal approach (taking waking temperature and charting cervical mucus) and the mucus approach (only cervical mucus is charted).

Computerized monitors make these methods a lot easier to apply, as they allow charting basal temperatures and individual menstrual cycle traits and adjust predictions according to your unique case. Natural birth control computers are specifically programmed to calculate variables, evaluate data, and determine your individual window of ovulation. More advanced tools even have the capability to recognise your personal fertility pattern, thus providing precise and accurate readings to help you prevent or promote pregnancy the natural way.

Two of the most common natural birth control methods include the Fertility Awareness (FAM) method and the Natural Family Planning (NFP) method. The first refers to a natural birth control method and includes the use of barrier methods like a spermicide, diaphragm, condom, and emergency contraception. Not only does this go against some natural family planning philosophy and values, unfortunately FAM methods also pose harm to newly conceived life and a woman's body, whereas natural family planning methods don't impede conceived life.

Fertility monitors are the perfect tools to use when subscribing to natural family planning methods. These devices are pre-programmed to help you record your waking temperature and to use bio-mathematical projection methods to calculate and determine your individual cycle. This provides you with an accurate and reliable fertility forecast, which you can use either to control pregnancy or promote it.

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