Best Mortgage Loans In USA For First Time Home Buyers

Posted by David Creighton on May 14th, 2021

In simple words, a mortgage loan is a secured loan by a bank or any other financial institution. That allows you to avail yourself a high amount of funds to finance a purchase of the home, at a low interest rate and with a prolonged duration of repayment relaxing you from the tension of high EMIs.

Types of mortgage loan: it is basically of three types.

  • Home loans
  • Commercial property loan
  • Loans against property

Among these mortgage Loans, a loan against property has its own advantages as it does have any end-use restrictions. It can be used for a wedding, fund an overseas education or renovate your house. On the other hand, home loans and commercial property loans are suitable for real estate purchases.

Many first time home buyers hesitate to take any loan because of the fear of high-interest rates during repayment and the hassle during the documentation process and let their dream of living a life with the loved ones in their home die slowly. We at all western mortgage assures you that you can buy your future dream house with bare effort.

Why a mortgage loan?

Mortgage loans provide you with the freedom to repay the loan on a long-term basis at a fixed rate, being friendly on your economic status as variable rates are more expensive than a fixed rate. Here are few features of mortgage loans that make them more friendly for a borrower: -

  • High valve loans made possible.
  • Minimal documentation making it easier for you.
  • Quick loan; saves your time and struggles.
  • Flexible tenor; up to 30yrs and more
  • Affordable fixed interest rates
  • Simple eligibility criteria.

The most logical thing is that it's always better to pay EMI than to pay rent.

Why home loan agents?

This has been the biggest puzzle for the borrowers. As masses ponder why to go through an agent/expert for a loan. Why not approach the lender or the authority directly? As a study shows 75% of people make mistakes when it comes to financial steps, say a loan or investment because of the lack of knowledge and experience. Here the wisdom of experience can make you proud of your step.

Loan Officers know the market and work with several loans giving authorities which help them to make the best deal out of it to make your first home possible. All Western Mortgage is the one-stop solution to all your questions. If you are planning to make your dreams come true to own a house and give your loved ones their own space. We bring you the best offers with years of experiences. With more than 100 investors and a friendly environment, we provide the best rate in all types of loan programs. For example, conventional, commercial,30yr mortgage-10yr mortgage and 1yr ARMS-5yr ARMS loan.

With monthly interest and principal payments, you'll be the sole owner of your home. Instead of putting your money into a landlord's pocket by paying rent every time you pay a mortgage payment you own a little more of your home. Every time you make a payment, you turn the debt into equity.

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