Here is your guide to successful fish keeping

Posted by Two Tides Aquarium Supply on May 14th, 2021

Many new fish keepers explore the natural wonder of aquariums every year. You will get to know about aquatic creatures and perceive their behavior firsthand. And there is nothing really like an aquarium to create a gratefulness and admiration for our surroundings.

Fish as pets

Always think of your fish as pets as they deserve much care and care you can contribute. Fishes depend on you to maintain their healthy surroundings. A healthy aquarium is relatively easy to manage and maintain, but it will not happen by itself. It depends on you. You require working on it to keep aquarium water clean and healthy along with aquarium plumbing parts.

Before You Add Fish

  • When creating a new aquarium environment, let your system function for at least 24 hours before adding fish.

  • Start by communicating with your dealer about the best rimless fish tanks for sale what fish are best accommodated in your aquarium, what fish are compatible with one another and how many would be relevant.

When You Add Fish

  • Choose only fish that appear active and healthy. To avoid overcrowding, don't put too many fishes in your aquarium.

  • Ensure the water your fish enter is around the same temperature as the water from which they transmit. To balance the two temperatures, float the transport container in the tank for about 15 minutes. Then, after 5 min, open the bag and add some aquarium water. Finally, after 15 minutes, smoothly net the fish and put it in the fish tank. Do not add bag water to the aquarium. Allow the fish to swim through the net into the tank.

  • Feed your fish twice a day — only what they will eat in around 5 minutes.

Taking Care of Your New Fish Tank

  • An accurately controlled aquarium filter indicates cleaner water and healthier fish.

  • You will need to change your filter cartridge and make a 25 percent water change every 2-4 weeks. You also necessitate vacuuming the gravel thoroughly to eliminate any waste accumulation.

  • When changing the water in the fish tank, be certain to review it first. Most tap water includes chlorine or chloramines, and combining untreated tap water to your tank could severely harm your fish. You have to be assured to review with your dealer for the water DE chlorinator that goes best with your regional tap water.

  • Always substitute old water with new water of about the same temperature to ignore disturbing your fish in rimless aquarium with stand.

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