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Posted by goldsafe21 on September 17th, 2015

As Imperial City launches on xbox and ps4, the first expansion of ESO Tamriel Unlimited finally can be played on all available consoles. In this time, you can buy cheap Elder Scrolls Online gold on Safewow to enter the new expansion, which has various contents and non-lag advantage to make it one of the best launches of a major content update to a MMO.

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Lag is a common issue in many MMORPGs. In Imperial City the problems were login issues and Cyrodiil not loading structure. Cyrodiil not loading any resources is a major issue that caused a lot of PVP players to leave the game. However, people at ZOS had corrected everything within a short time and the lag is almost gone eventually, which alone makes the update great. Maybe now with the completion of this issue and new release on xbox one, more and more people will come back and would like to buy cheapest eso gold xbox for the new contents.

When exploring the reason why the lag has been relieved, the release of Imperial City may be a large element as people who are playing in Cyrodiil are now placed in two different zones, Cyrodiil and Imperial City. On top of splitting the people up, there isn’t the large number of players fighting in the same location. BTW, there are two new dungeons, the IC Prisons and the IC White Gold Tower in Imperial City. Both of these dungeons are awesome and have a normal and a vet mode!

Imperial City provides various items for gears upgrades

Providing various items to obtain for gear upgrades is one of the main reasons why Imperial City is worth playing. This kind of offer was learnt from Darkness Falls in DAoC but Imperial City even evolved it a lot to make it more intense. For those who aren’t familiar with Darkness Falls, it was the Sewers in Imperial City, a large maze that all factions had access to. In there, players can get Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Seals, a type of currency that can be used for gear upgrades.

Within Imperial City you will even get more. You have Bloody Claw, Bone Shard, Dark Ether, Mark of the Legion, Monstrous Tooth, Planar Armor Scraps, and Tel Var Stones. All of these drop off creatures within the expansion, they aren’t very hard to obtain but the way in which they are used is unique. In order to gain access to one of the hidden vault rooms in the city, you need to collect 60 of each.

Interesting farming: conquer to earn Tel Var Stones

As Safewow mentioned above, Tel Var Stones can be dropped off creatures within Imperial City, but there is another interesting way you can get them - get a portion of stones from pvp upon death. If you kill an enemy player in pvp, you’ll receive a small part of your Tel Var Stones. This is incredibly epic because not many games allow players to take wealth off other players when you kill them. Now, ZOS brings back something that so many people miss. What worth noting is that if you don’t want to have your hard earned Tel Var stones lost, you can bank them to ensure they never be taken off your corpse.

With this, Zenimax gives players a reason to farm. Not many people enjoy farming but this type of farming never feels boring. You have to constantly watch your back for enemies or even the roaming bosses that creep throughout the sewers.

On top of that, with this update available on Xbox one on September 15 and PS4 on September 16, three new Undaunted Pledges have been added for you to complete. If you were looking for interesting contents, you’ve got it here.

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