First Level Basement Flooring Ideas Revealed

Posted by articlelink01 on September 17th, 2015

When people think of a basement of a house, they often think of an old, dark and storage place, which is usually "abandoned" and no one, wants to spend time in there. But the truth is that basement flooring has come a long way and the time has come that you can actually re-designing it and use it for different kind of purposes. You have to think is how many hours of your time will spend in this room, in order to begin planning how to make it. For example, how will you use this specific area of your home and design it accordingly. We will give you some ideas of how you can transform your basement as to be friendlier and more comfortable.

If you think about your basement area and how you are going to make all the appropriate arrangements, it can definitely become a great challenge for you. In fact, you can turn it into a nice family room for resting, playing or just spending some quite time. For instance, you can add some carpets, as to look like a theater room or you can use your imagination and add other things you might like.

Furthermore you can paint the walls to they can fit with the carpets you chose and the furniture’s you are going to add to the basement. In fact, you can give it color; this way is going to be cozier. If you are turning it into a family room, it's better to select some type of tile or linoleum that can be cleaned easily. You can also add game tables down there and use it for a comfort place for entertainment and relaxing. If you wish to place any carpets on the floor of your basement, you have to be careful, because they collect dust very easily. So you have to take into consideration all this stuff when deciding about your basement flooring.

In addition, most of these basement floors are made out of concrete, so there are some options for you that could help you change it and look friendlier. You can dress up the room with epoxy paints, but won't change the concrete. You should know that epoxy paints come out in different colors, so you can select the one that fits best your basement. Today there is a variety of basement flooring options, so you can change it and can make it look new, clean and comfortable.

For many decades, the basements were considered to be dark and unpleasant places, where the families storage old items and unwanted stuff, like old clothes, tools, boxes and many more things. So, there were areas beneath the house that no one ever thought to spend some time there. There were dusty, dark and most of them were consisted of the original concrete slab and nothing else.

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