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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Gibraltar is a unique country that separates Europe from Africa, and you can feel both the influences when you visit this duty free paradise. In Gibraltar gambling is legal and therefore they boast of two casinos of their own that draw in visitors and locals alike.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Gibraltar for its unique geographical location, the enormous Rock of Gibraltar, which can be seen from miles and miles as well as the duty free shopping; Gibraltar casinos are a bonus on top of the bargains that you find all over this unique country.

Both the Gibraltar casinos are open usually 24 hours a day (though this schedule may change on some local holidays) as tourists never stop pouring in and therefore the playing should not either; the legal age for gambling is 21 years of age but for consuming alcoholic beverages is 18. The rules are very strict with regard to age for both gambling and drinking due to which you will be asked for photo identification every time you will enter a casino or ask for a drink especially if you are young or just look so.

In Gibraltar everyone speaks at least two languages one of which is definitely English due to its English influence; you can also find typical English food such as fish and chips, which fits perfectly well with the atmosphere and lay out. The country holds mixed nationalities such as English, Spanish, African, Asian and Middle Eastern as well. It is fascinating to watch everyone speak a language and in mid sentence change it to yet another; it happens so fast you don't even realize when they changed it. Gibraltar has English roots but at the same time it is colored with different fragrances and spices from different parts of the world.

Gibraltar casinos follow strict international gambling rules, which you will find easy to understand and abide by; entertainment in the casinos is elegant and suitable to its surroundings and practices due to which most gamblers have a great time and always look forward to coming back the next evening.

It is impossible not to enjoy your time in Gibraltar, whether lady luck has been kind to you or not in the casino, you are sure to have a great bargain by shopping and saving in the duty free stores, which basically make the country's main tourist attraction.

When in Gibraltar you must try and make time between the casinos and shopping to climb on the famous Rock of Gibraltar and watch the monkey at the top; however, whatever you do - do not feed the monkeys, they are sometimes wild and can attack you.

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