The Reasons Why Manufacturers Feel Ecomass Polymer Is Best Lead-Alternative

Posted by Michael Luis on May 16th, 2021

Ecomass is a high density polymerized material. It is highly useful in different industries. The material is a good alternative for lead and other types of heavy metal compounds. It is easy to use and thus can be moulded into any possible shape.

•    It is easy to formulate this material using filler technology
•    The material is also easily available as raw material
•    It can be best used to conventional and modern moulding machines

These are three main reasons why this material is widely recommended for industrial applications. You can search for information related to the benefits of high density polymer online as well.

    Salient properties that make it unique

Heavy metals have been in use to date because of their unique properties. As compared to any heavy metal, eco mass material has its specific properties. It has high density and can resist high temperatures.

The material is also durable and can withstand impact. It offers high tensile strength, even when used in conventional moulding machines.

    Easily available

Heavy metals are never easily available. If your industry is using heavy metal like lead, it has to place an order for raw material in advance.

Unlike metals, HD polymer material is easily available. You can purchase it from the local raw material market. This makes it an ideal choice over the lead and other metals.

    Easy composite material

Industries may never want to make use of pure metal as it could be a more expensive option. Certain parts need to be integrated metal with polymer material. This is where eco mass material is more useful.

The material is easy to integrate with any metal to form the best composite polymer. It also has heat tolerance properties and so is ideal to be used with any metal as well.

    Non-toxic properties

Lead may not be a non-toxic compound. But it is still used in projectiles it has a lot of toxicity. This is where using eco mass polymer is always rated a safer option.

HD polymer material is non-toxic by nature even if the material burns at high temperatures, it may never produce toxic compounds. It is widely used in lead-free projectiles and ammunition. Currently, frangible ammunition is the best alternatives to lead-based ammunition and projectiles.

    Safe processing compound

HD polymers are produced in mass quantities following all safe processes. The material in itself is graded as eco friendly. It does not produce any harmful pollutants during the processing stage.

As compared, metals may never offer safe processing. The extraction process itself makes use of harmful chemicals. The metal ore has to be mined. The entire process can degrade land and pollute the environment.

    Improved applications

Eco mass materials are widely used in medical, manufacturing and processing units. The material is highly durable and chemically inert. It does not react with harsh acids and strong bases.

This means it can be used in most areas within the manufacturing units. It is also a common material that offers radiation shielding. It offers with best radiation protection. It is used in x-ray producing machines as shielding trays.

The material is lightweight and easy to handle as compared to heavy metals.

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