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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

We've all been there, sometimes it's tough coming up with new things to write about. Depending your topic, it may even be an area that rarely has any new spice to it.

If you're like most you have no time to do comprehensive research before writing your next newsletter or article.

What If you knew one secret that top online marketers already know that puts tons of fresh content at your finger tips with little time investment?

A swipe file can do all this and a bit more for you by giving you a place to turn. What's a swipe file?

It's a place to store all your resources on a given topic in one place, they can prevent writers block, give you tons of facts to quote, and pull new ideas from.

How do you go about aquiring one?

Whether you use an electronic swipe file using a folder on your computer to search thru, or a paper one, they all have the same benefit.

A paper swipe is as easy to start as grabbing an accordian file from a local office supply store (ask one they all know what they are).

What goes into my swipe file?

* RSS Feeds
* Press Releases
* Other People's Newsletters
* Photos
* speeches
* Brochures
* articles
* stats
* Newspapers
* Magazines
* Promos
* Salesletters
* Reports / Stats / Studies

But how do I know if something should go in my swipe file or not?

It Grabbed You..
Things that grab your attention like good headlines, testimonials or a good story.

It Inspired You..
This can be things that establish good credibility, a great warranty, good testimonials or strong benefits.

It Shocked You!
Some things that could do this would be good statistics, a huge promise, a shocking picture.

Any thrown together swipe file no matter how loose, or organized, has benefits. Remember, they're always a work in progress and there's no right way to organize it.

In my recent book, I even talk about creating a completely electronic swipe file that adds all these content types on it's own from all over the web
based on keyword phrases you choose.

Build your own swipe file and just watch how often you refer to it!

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