Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Subflooring

Posted by tanyahushe47 on September 18th, 2015

Many have just recently heard about the executive timber subflooring materials. You probably have either been misled to think that this form of subfloor system is either not good or there is a possibility that you were not fed with enough facts. This article tackles some of the FAQs about timber subflooring. Visiting can give you most of the answers to not only the timber subflooring concerns but also concerns related to the other sub floor systems.

What Are the Sizes of the Timber Subflooring Materials?

The different widths of timber subflooring materials range between 80mm and 120mm. In some rare occasions, you will get boards that go up to 180mm in width. A wider board will be associated with more seamless effects. They can also be used in small rooms to make them feel a little larger. It is also much easier to install wider boards since fewer boards are needed to cover a unit area.

What about the Finishes of these Materials?

There is a need of protective coatings to all timber subfloors so as to add the aesthetic appeal of the room and to enhance for easy maintenance. The best material to be used for the provision of a waterproof finish is the polyurethane. Caution should however be taken when applying this substance since its fumes can be lethal. The room needs to be well ventilated when application is done.

During application, acrylic varnish, which is water based will emit lesser fumes than the former. The latter also dries faster. In houses where children and pets are present, it’s prudent that you go for a non toxic option. Tung oil or linseed oil application is one of the ways this can be achieved. This will not only give the wood the gain that’s desired. The fumes of linseed are healthy and medicinal to organisms and you will enjoy health while you protect your subfloor from bad weather such as humidity and moisture. The con associated with these two oils is the fact that they fade very fast. You will therefore be required to frequently repaint the subfloor, something that’s both time consuming and expensive.

Does it have Any Value Addition to Your Property?

Timber subflooring systems add value to a property. They are cost efficient, versatile and very fantastic as far as visual appeal is concerned. Whether it is a house you are just residing in or a property you want to put on the market, you will definitely enjoy the returns more if you put timber subfloors in your house than any other form of subfloors.

Utilization of the solid wood subfloor product in your property will boost the aesthetic appeal of your home just at a manageable cost. It also comes with unmatched compliment to any given structure. By the fact that this type of subfloor is plain, easy to install and easy to maintain, it will last for very many years after you use it for improving the appearance of your home.

With a variety of choices ranging from dark and rich brown to light honey, you have a wide option of timber subflooring materials to choose from.

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