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Posted by sophiasmith on September 18th, 2015

Education pattern has surpassed a dynamic changes since its origination. Nothing in this world is immortal. So with the change in the universe lofty ideas take new form and give birth to a new perspective. This is how education pattern also does experience. It mirrors the needs of the concurrent society as a whole.

Jodhpur National University is also one of such university which met the need of the prevailing society. The university pushed the dominance of Academics and gave a new start to the study of Professional and Technical subjects in the curriculum. In 1998 the foundation of the University was laid by Mr. Kamal Mehta. He propounded the view that mere academic degree could not help enough to achieve great things in life. So he proposed an education pattern which was a fine combination of Academics and Professional studies. He felt that ‘Knowledge is empowerment ‘to unlock the treasure of success.

The University offers an innovative pattern of learning. Such as –

  1. Theoretical learning is followed by practical training
  2. OHP, MMP, LCD and other audio-visual aids are used in Labs and Clinics to make learning more effective.
  3. Moot court participation for Law students. They also get the benefit to interact with Bar and Bench.
  4. Digital automated library for deep knowledge on the subject
  5. For more interactive learning Excursion, Workshop, Conferences and Seminars are held up on fixed interval.
  6. Wi-Fi campus of the university helps the students to derive new concepts even after the lecturer.

Along with these facility, the university also gifts a well-dignified faculty to its learner. The faculty is determined to create great intellectuals and professionals. The University organizes job fair too .Thus the faculty prepares the student to cope up in the dynamic environment.

Jodhpur National University offers a wide range of courses in its syllabus. The courses are related with Management, Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Medicine and Health, Law, Computer Application, Applied Science, Education and Arts. The university also offers selective program for Distance Education. The university also ensures best campus placement across the nation.

The University has a remarkable contribution in the field of Education. It has bestowed many gem to the Nation in the form great Professionals and Intellectuals. Reach the height of new success by adopting the new learning pattern here.


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