Hang Out with Some Zombies On this Halloween

Posted by scream org on September 18th, 2015

If you want to pay a visit in any of the haunted attractions on this Halloween then you should know that there are many haunted attractions in all over the country. If you are planning for a less crowded place then you can consider Stocktober which is considered one of the best haunted houses in Northern Virginia. In coming October you can access this haunted house on every weekend from 7pm to 10 pm.

Paxton Manor

Paxton Manor unlocks its doors to those who are courageous enough to walk her sinister halls and slope into the caves of her basement. A Large 20,000 square feet 1800's Haunted stone mansion that has numerous twisting towers and rooms. There is also the old well that lies in the Basement that lies in a shadow of The Well of Souls a great Attraction for those who want to enjoy a heart pounding experience.

Activities in Stocktober

By taking part in the shocktober activities, you take up all risks and exposures associated with this event. Shocktober is intended to frighten and keep the tourists amused, and assumes no responsibility to how you or others act in response to such shocks.  Moreover, someone choosing to take part in Shocktober recognizes they have willingly agreed to participate at the PAXTON CAMPUS (“Paxton”), which may involve participating in numerous physical activities, comprising but not restricted to climbing steps, skulking, or embracing through tight spaces.

Tickets online

You can get the tickets for this attraction online by using your credit cards. Kids under age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult, but there are various attractions which are very scary and intense so if you think you should not send your kids. If you cannot take the scares anymore, remember there are no refunds. But there are several emergency exits positioned all over the haunts in case anyone is too terrified to finish. The tour may last long up to 25 minutes.

Avoid if you have any health problem

Pregnant women, those who have heart problems and other implants should avoid this attraction as there are loud noises, electrical effects and fog used for making this attraction intense. You can purchase a ‘no-scare’ glow necklace at the gate by spending just . Put on this necklace during your tour through the haunted mansion and you will not be “targeted” by our specters and zombies.

This leading attraction is designed with emergency exit hallways for those who can take the scary events inside, just ask any staff and you will be attended out, but don’t forget there is no re-entry under any circumstances.

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