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Medical tourists are flocking to India for everything from breast implants to dental work and even for major heart surgeries. This is mainly due to the rising costs of care in the West—but also due to the fact the Indian medical facilities are now considered to be at par with Western technologies, and Indian doctors gaining respect globally.” Says Dr. Rinky Kapoor, top Cosmetic Dermatologist India and CEO,

If you are wondering if you should go overseas for your medical needs, think about these benefits:

1. Affordability

Medical tourists save anywhere from 50% to 90% by going overseas for health care. Dental work seems to be the biggest saver, yielding 90% savings if done in India. Imaging, as well as diagnostics, are much cheaper in India, too. Beyond the lower price, foreign hospitals are also very good at providing clear and upfront quotes than most US or European hospitals. The cost of having a complicated surgery done in the US or the UK can quickly escalate beyond the initial quote, but Indian clinics and hospitals tend to be more forthcoming about prices so you know exactly what you will pay for.  This openness is a result of competition—and foreign hospitals know that in order to win the race, they have to be as transparent as possible. This has made Medical tourism in India an even more attractive option. Those who are open to having procedures done overseas can certainly benefit from honesty up-front as well as fewer (if not zero) hidden costs.

2. Superior Service

Beyond simple costs, Western patients appreciate the high quality service provided by Indian hospitals.  Tasks are performed not by orderlies but by registered nurses.  Western doctors tend to be harried, rush in and out, but Indian doctors in the best tourist hospitals have the benefit of easier work schedules. They can spend more time on each patient.  As a medical tourist, you can expect to be escorted throughout your procedure and upon checkout. The hospital suites you will spend time in are world-class, too, often with a living room, a bathroom, a view, Wi-Fi, a flat panel TV, and other such luxuries.

3. Quality

If you choose the right hospital and doctor, you don’t have to be concerned about a reduction in quality in terms of facilities and physician experience. Just because doctors in India charge lower doesn't mean they are less educated or less capable. In fact, many of them are Western trained. They are subject to stringent licensing and have to pursue continuing education in order to stay competitive.

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