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Posted by guoguole on September 19th, 2015

Generally, players want to have a fair platform in game. Therefore, most players are against to use bots in game. Nevertheless, a screenshot about four bots in WOW one dungeon is heated discussed. Some players feel like that is fun. However, some players regard it is detestable for players to use bots in game. as a professional wow shop, provides various wow products, including cheap wow gold us, wow gold eu and all kinds of wow items, as well as wow pets and mounts, wow cd key and wow quest helper. You can enjoy the cheapest price and fast delivery here, just enjoy your game.

Bots is strictly prohibited in wow

AFK gaming, a bot is a method of controlling an in-game character by an automated means that does not require direct interaction from a player. Even though bots may not interrupt you or hamper your current gameplayer, botters could lead to create many adverse factors for games. Therefore, this is strictly prohibited by the World of Warcraft Terms of Use Agreement.

Bots may impact on game virtual economy

Some players consider botters are a threat to a server due to the excessive farming which can allegedly damage a server’s virtual economy. It is sure that if too much wow gold is farmed by botters, economy in game will cause currency inflation just like real life, which will impact on others.

Using bots will reduce joy for players

It is obvious that using the bots in game will bring the disadvantages in your team and reduce joy. After all, bots aren’t flexible than human, if you come across a bot in game and make a comment in chat, it will reply with ‘lol’ or ‘haha’. For example, a funny player who uses a bot (plugin/addon) that would reply in a foreign language if someone messaged him. It would say some words like “Sorry, I don’t speak English”

Purchasing farmed gold by bots may lead your game account to get banned

Players often buy WOW gold online, but there will appear some issues. Sometimes even though they bought cheap wow gold, the gold was farmed by bots, which lead their game account to get banned. Therefore, players can’t just consider the price of wow gold and should choose a reliable site to prevent your game account to be banned.

As such, players should oppose to use bots in game because that is adverse to players themselves.

If you suspect a character is being played by a bot, you can do this: right click on a player's portrait, click "Report Player For", choose "Cheating", fill in detailed information and submit. Additional, you should include the time you have seen them, where you have seen them, and your reasons that you believe that the player is a bot. Another way you can send a mail to Blizzard.

To sum up, it is adverse to players to use bots in wow, so we should be against like that action. If you want to buy cheap and safe wow gold, you can choose wowtoes, because all gold of wowtoes are farming by expert gamers.

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