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Posted by Frank Matowitz on September 19th, 2015

Travertine pavers can improve the look of your outdoor areas. In fact, they should be considered as the primary materials if you are aiming for a more elegant or luxurious look for your pool deck, driveway, and outdoor walkways. Travertine pavers come in a wide range of sizes and types to suit your renovation and home improvement requirements. You can usually find them in sizes that are 1 and ¼ inches thick, with a chiseled or tumbled finish. The natural beauty of travertine is expected to last a long time.

Different types of high-quality travertine pavers can be combined and matched to create a beautiful and unique look. They are perfect for landscaping projects to create pathways in your garden and backyard. The natural and one of a kind look of travertine is a function of how the stone was formed. Travertine pavers themselves were cut from pure, natural stone, so it is almost impossible to find one piece that looks exactly like another. This uniqueness adds a more special look and feel to landscaping projects and outdoor areas.

Travertine pavers are not just popular for their beauty. They are also appreciated for their practicality. Concrete pavers, brick, and poured asphalt tend to retain heat, making them hotter during the summer. Travertine does not get very hot, so they can help keep your outdoor spaces cooler and can be comfortable spending time lounging on your patio, in your garden, or lanai. Travertine pavers are environmentally friendly, too, because they are naturally produced by the earth. Their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions makes them ideal for outdoor applications. Travertine is also timeless—it simply never goes out of style.

You can’t go wrong with travertine pavers if you want to strike a balance between simplicity and opulence, especially on outdoor areas like your deck and pool. Travertine provides better traction, even when wet. Hence, travertine pavers are a more cost effective choice for materials, when you are decorating your pool or your deck. You can combine chiseled and tumbled pavers to achieve a custom look.

Make sure to get high-quality travertine pavers from a reputable supplier. This way, you can be sure that you are getting real travertine pavers and not composite or fake products. Explore the selection of tumbled, chiseled, and French pattern pavers for your patio, driveway, or pool online to easily compare and find the ones that you need to create a bespoke look.

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