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Posted by gracedashen on September 19th, 2015

Recently, Jagex released an experimental new game which is DarkScape. Most players focus attention on the new game. What are different and related between darkscape and runescape? Can rs gold be transfer into darkscape gold? Well, there are many critical points that players should know.

How can you play DarkScape?

As an experimental new game, darkscape is now live and playable for free with your runescape account. In other words, you simply log into the darkscape website with your runescape details.

Do you need a new account?

You don’t need a new account, but if don’t have a runescape account you can create a new account for darkscape. DarkScape and RuneScape are separate games and DarkScape runs on its own dedicated server. Therefore, you can use your RuneScape account to log in. However, this will be a brand new account which is similar to the old school runescape account.

Need you pay to play darkscape?

You don’t need to pay for it, because all content is available for free. Nevertheless, if you are a member, it can help to accelerate progression and the accumulation of gear. Power difference on darkscape is less pronounced than in runescape.

Runescape Members’ benefits in darkscape

If you are runeacape member, you can enjoy the extra benefits which there are +50% XP, improved drops, double bank space and double items kept on death. What’s more, if you are a member, it can help to accelerate progression and the accumulation of gear.

What’s the level field in darkscape?

Perhapes it is good news for these players who are distressed for their lower level in runescape, since everyone starts from level 1. Besides, darkscape doesn’t affect the process in runescape. Everyone starts from level 1, and progress in RuneScape does not affect DarkScape. The comboat of darkscape is locked to Legacy Mode. However, compared to runescape, gear above level 75 requirment gives greatly reduced stat returns.

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