Why Lace Front Wigs Have Become So Trendy?

Posted by De Novo Hair LLC on September 19th, 2015

The multimillion dollar beauty industry is indebted to the much in vogue lace wigs worn by both men and women of the present day suffering from hairlessness, partial baldness and thin hairline. Along with a proper makeup, people with severe hair loss depend on the wigs. You might be surprised to know that celebrities also wear wigs. The famous lace wig hairstyles of Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams and many more have become a trend. Let’s figure out some of the most viable reasons behind the popularity of the lace wigs and why it is trending in the beauty and hairstyling market. 


Save hundreds that you have to waste daily for visiting spas, or on expensive hair replacement or treatments. Buy one or two wigs, brush it and wear it properly. Besides saving money, you can also save time. Don’t let your husband wait for hours as you are doing your hair. It may be better to get a pretty and, of course, branded lace wig instead of visiting the salons regularly. 

Try Different Looks:

Explore a fresh new look everyday by changing your getup. Besides your attire, also get a fresh hairstyle with the wigs. Buy some wigs that you can wear alternately for a fresh new look with the synthetic lace wig. 

Don’t Color the Hair:

Dyeing your hair can have adverse effects. Most hair colors have harsh ammonia and other harmful chemicals that can permanently damage you hair and scalp. So avoid dyeing your hair frequently. Better yet, get wigs in your favorite shades and use them whenever you want a makeover. 

Wigs in Natural Colors:

Lace wigs may be synthetic, but they are indistinguishable from natural hair. And if you wear them well, even your friends won’t be able to tell the difference. It is best to pick wigs with natural hair color. You can get the best brands and their various collections online and in stores . 

Feel Fabulous:

Wear a lace wig of your choice and enjoy a fresh new look. Let people appreciate your beauty. You will feel fabulous after the complements that follow. 

Dealing with Hair Loss:

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss, often owing to medical complications or illnesses. This can dent one’s self image, often resulting in trauma or depression. If the hair loss is permanent, hair transplant is a viable but expensive option. However, lace wigs offer a cheap and practical alternative that gives you the freedom to change your look whenever you want. 

Why Lace Wigs?

You will never feel like you are wearing something on your head. This is the major trait of high quality wigs that sets them apart. These are lighter and fit well. You never have to be tense about the wig coming loose or looking unrealistic as it fits naturally from the hairline.

Worry about the more important things in your wardrobe, not your hair. Wear wigs confidently and boost your self confidence. 

About The Author: 

De Novo Hair LLC was established in an environment that paid little attention to the hair loss needs of women. Though over 50% of women experience hair loss at some point of age. The hair loss industry tends to focus mostly on the needs of men, with little resources for women, and especially women of color. A lot has changed in the industry since 2007, and competition has increased tremendously. De Novo Hair LLC, however, has maintained its commitment to providing quality human hair lace wigs to women to overcome hair loss and find fashion solutions.  

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