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Posted by goldsafe21 on September 19th, 2015

I accept been pvping in Apple of Warcraft with my rogue aback he was created. I collapsed in Battle area alone and accept done a brace raids, but added afresh that, it has all be pvp.

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Since the new patch, I am accepting a absolutely harder time befitting up. My accident has gone WAY down, so it seems. Some of the spells that I would crit 50k with afore the patch, I am seeing alone crit, 14-18k. There are added issues I am having. My survivability seems to be a lot beneath now as well. My accessory has not afflicted added afresh a brace new cata items so if World of Warcraft Gold anything, it should be improving, but that is not the case.

I am aswell a little abashed on this PVP adeptness stat. Any tips on how I should spec, gear, gem and so forth. I adulation my rogue a lot and appropriate now I am just not authoritative the brand with him. I was never cool acceptable with him, but I am not a absolute noob either. I just wish to play him in bg's and accept some fun. Accepting endemic all the time now is not fun.

Thanks for any advice in advance!!!Also, as for spec, there is no cookie cutter blueprint anymore. With the accomplishing of the new system, all aptitude copse are (at least, declared to be) whatever you'd admire the most. That was Blizzard's ambition to yield out the charge for cookie cutter specs and to accept you accept what you'd enjoy.

I haven't noticed any change appropriately far in the accident my rogue puts out. I in fact begin her accomplishing about 20k or so added accident than afore application (of course, talking from a PvE standpoint).

I'm absolutely apperception that players will acquisition a way to accomplish a "cookie cutter" spec.

"You're accomplishing that bang-up afterwards Cauterize? What are you, stupid?" And so on and so forth. A lot of of the humans that are accusatory are the humans like I acclimated to be, amphitheatre in 2000+ amphitheatre brackets. In BGs, I agnosticism that there is that abundant of a aberration if you apperceive how to gear/play a rogue aback you're about never focused anon (unless you're accomplishing some alarming 1vN, and afresh you should already be able to get your teeth kicked in).

If you're not actual actual long, attending to get your PvP animation up to about 66%. That will accord you an HP basin and the animation to survive, and aswell use the Recuperate glyph. Yield Shadowstep, and accomplish abiding you accept a healer shadowstep macro if you're accomplishing that (I use focus shadowstep and change my focus to accidental humans I'm angry near) so you can use ShS to it's fullest (it can be acclimated on affable targets too, acceptance you to GTFO and recup/LOS.

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