Non Communicable Diseases are one of the biggest threats for civilized society

Posted by Rachel Christian on September 19th, 2015

With the term Non communicable disease people generally takes cardio vascular diseases for example Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and other chronic diseases and they are a real threat to the humanity as they seems to devour the people who mainly belongs to the low socio economic back grounds.  80% of the total death rate seems to take place in the comparative lower social background.  According to the recent report of WHO, the death rate due to these diseases are increasing rapidly and in this year it experiences about 17% hike too.

These diseases related to NCD Asia, are directly related to the various genetic problems and also from the factors of lifestyle and environment related factors.  Along with it consuming of Alcohol, diets of unhealthy factors and other related factors provides the proper background the growth of these disease.  In many of the countries the death rate are always a major obstacle to the development of the countries and sustain its growth too. According to the prediction of the WHO, the greatest increase of death rates will be experienced in next few years.

On order to apprehend the issues and understand the significance of the matter, A Global Strategy seems to the sectors of NCD are associated with Cancers, Obesity and Chronic diseases are found to be the basic regions.  They generally advocate the individual risk factors for determining the factors and influences of the society as well.  Though they are not contaminated through touches and other factors but they seem too outrageous for both communicable and non communicable diereses.  People from low social economic background generally exposes to the cruelty and they with the absence of the proper back ground they seems to fell victim also.  The effects of non communicable disease Asiaseems to stunt the growth of the development.

There is a notion that people of rich socio economic background are also fell victim of non communicable diseases and destined to death. But it is also true that people from this regions also dies more of age related death issues and low economic background is also suffered to death and decay without the proper background of medicines and other essential things. People who have the proper backgrounds can save them after falling with the diseases too.

With the proper background in the senses of medical and other associated factors the rate of death seems to increase due to non communicable disease Asia.

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