Medical Therapy & Laser Techniques for Treatment & Removal of Acne & Acne Scars

Posted by Dr. Rinky Kapoor on September 19th, 2015

Acne can cause a lot of physical and psychological trauma. Someone who suffers from this condition may feel self-conscious. Pimples can drive down self-confidence, causing some patients to retreat from social situations. And even when it is successfully treated acne can leave some scars that can mar your appearance and cause further insecurities. When not treated properly, pimples may come back even worse than before. This is why it’s important that you find a dermatologist who won’t only treat your pimples superficially but go deep into the cause to ensure that it doesn’t recur.

Acne used to be treated only with topical solutions and oral medications, but these treatments are not the most effective. Their efficacy is subject to the compliance of the patient, their compatibility with the patient's skin and conditions, and continued application. In some cases, topical treatment may be ineffective due to hormonal reasons. Nowadays, it is possible to treat acne and the scars it leaves with laser therapy.

The Wonders of Laser Therapy for Acne Treatment

With laser therapy, a dermatologist can help treat your acne, prevent scarring, or remove scars that might already be present from previous breakouts. All medical therapies and laser techniques to treat acne and scarring are non-invasive. Dermatologists often start by finding out the cause of acne before recommending a treatment. The goal is to determine the best treatment path, prevent recurrence, and ensure minimal to no scarring. A hormonal evaluation might be conducted in severe acne cases.

Non-ablative and ablative lasers can remove deeply rooted acne scars and encourage the formation of new collagen. Laser treatment is effective to get rid of scarring and minimise inflammation. Acne prone areas and inflamed parts of the skin are targeted in laser acne treatment to allow intense light to reach the dermal layer. This way, the laser can effectively target hyperactive sebaceous glands and initiate the healing of dermal collagen.

Bacteria in acne tend to destroy collagen in the skin. Laser treatment can help reconstruct damaged collagen fibres to repair the condition of the skin, especially if it has been scarred by acne. Some of the best dermatologists use fractional carbon dioxide ablative lasers with certain medications to remove acne scars. This treatment requires only a few sessions to complete, depending on the severity of your acne and the scarring.

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